She used to be your number one, she used to be your only lover...

Old enough to know better, yet young enough to do it anyway

Emily <3
28 January 1990
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Name: Emily
Middle Name: Anne
Nickname: Em, Emmylou
Birthday: Photobucket
Location: Wisconsin
Occupation: Human Resource Manager
Status: In a relationship since 12.26.11
Siblings: None
Height: 5'3"
Natural Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue/Green
Tattoo/Piercings: Pierced ears and 3 tattoos
Pet: None, but I want a Golden Retriever!
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What I Am
Hi! I'm Emily.
I love to talk, and will talk to anyone.
I'm outgoing and will randomly start talking to people I don't know.
I'm honest, extremely loyal, and way too caring.
In December of 2012 I graduated college with a Bachelor's of Business Administration & a minor in Public Administration.
I absolutely loved college and despise job hunting.
I graduated Cum Laude and am involved in 3 honor societies.
I adore animals, especially dogs.
I'm opinionated and not afraid to tell someone if they've upset me.
I'm a girly girl and my favorite color is pink.
Shopping is my favorite thing to do.
I love to laugh, especially the kind where my eyes water and tummy hurts.
I love my friends and family.
Summer is my favorite season, I love the warm weather and going to the county fair.
Sno cones = heaven.
I'm a very nice girl, so don't be afraid!

Things I Love
+Reality shows
+Sno Cones
+Metal music
+The internet
+Being girly
+Pearl Jam
+Eddie Vedder
+My cell phone
+Orbit Gum
+Olive Garden chicken scampi
+Gloria Jeans coffees & Starbucks
+Ripped and faded jeans
+Getting my hair done
+Flip flops
+Warm and tropical places
+Grocery shopping
+Men who are gentlemen
+Fuzzy teddy bears
+My mom
+Mountain Dew
+Facebook and LJ
+Matt DiRito from Pop Evil

Things I Hate

-People who take advantage of government aid
-Bad drivers
-My body
-Gum that quickly loses its flavor
-Slow computers
-Bad teachers
-Green beans
-Mini vans
-People who stop right in the middle of the hallway to talk to someone

Favorite Music
*Rock and metal
*Top 3 favorite bands: Pop Evil, Pearl Jam, Mudvayne

Favorite Foods
*Anything with chicken
*Caesar salad
*Anything flavored cotton candy
*Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
*Salad w/ ranch dressing
*McDonald's chicken nuggets
*Honey mustard sauce
*Chocolate covered strawberries

Favorite Drinks
~Mountain Dew
~Malibu & Coke
~Kiddy Cocktails
~Dr. Pepper


My Loves
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