Emily <3 (__cottoncandy__) wrote,
Emily <3

Friends Cut

Livejournal has been depressing me for quite some time, so I’m finally doing a friends cut. I’m on here mostly to make close friends or at least relate to people on some sort of level. A while ago I had a large list of awesome people who decided to move from LJ onto other sites. Since then I’ve tried really hard to find new friends but unfortunately, other than a few, most have become lurkers, show no interest in my journal, or I just can’t relate to them, so those people have been cut.

My friends list has dwindled to only a handful of people after the cut, but I definitely want to make new friends. I’ve tried add me communities with mostly disappointing results, so if any of my current friends have ANY friends you think I could become friends with, please send them my way! Or for my friends who do "friend swap" posts, could you please include me in your next one? Thank you; I’d really appreciate it.
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