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jesse williams [exploded ovaries]

April 2019

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jesse williams [exploded ovaries]

Locked journal

Comment to be considered.

Do not comment if you have an inactive journal, only post quizzes and mems and if you don't plan on commenting or reading my journal. Other than that, I don't have any demands.

For those who have been cut; You probably haven't been reading my journal for a while anymore which is fine, no hard feelings. If you'd wanna be added back, you know the drill.

I do not post my graphics here. Go to cosmicworld instead and feel free to friend.


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Hi! This is Jessica a.k.a. jessicathedork. And I got a new LJ. Add?
Ofcourse!!! :)
add me???
Gumby is soooo cute!
Hey, I was wondering what happened to you and saw you cut me cuz I didn't comment on an entry I don't remember seeing. I'm sorry I've been terrible the last few months... I went on a spurt where I didn't evne like read my FL or go on MTF outside of Germany or anything. Just too much going on I guess... But I am back to normal now. I am very sorry for ignoring any post you might have made about your FL, but I honestly don't recall seeing it. Please add me back :( I heart you...
It's ok dear, I'm glad to have you back :)


Hey...i see ur a huge tennis fan 2...jus like me...u wanna add me?? plz...i also have a community...not very popular yet....i also have a journal too...ur a Marat Safin fan...good good...
Hiiiiiiiiii :P

I added you, because:
a) you seem nice
b) we have too many friends in common
c) we have too many interests in common
d) we both seem to like Lena with a cowboy hat on the sand

And that's it. XD

Btw, please add me or this comment will be pointless XD
Oh boy, those are good points! :]

I'm adding you dear :]
Hi! Add me back? Sorry for being so inactive on LJ and not commenting on your entries as much, I like reading your entries, tho. Well yeah. Bye! ♥
hi there- it's Lou_Lou_Ferrero here from MTF and i noticed you have an LJ, like me!!! i added you to my f-list, hope you don't mind

Hey there!!! Sure, I'll add you back :]
Hi there,

What happened to _dementieva?!

I have no idea. It wasn't my community. I guess the owner got rid of it intentionally, cause the hantuchova and dokic community are also gone. All from the same owner.
As Elena needs a community, I made one again [Bad username: elenadementieva&quot;] but the layout and everything still needs to be worked on. When I have time...
add me

Its Mez. :D
Yes ma'am!

add me?:)

Do you mind if I add you?:))
I think you are a very interesting person!:))

Re: add me?:)

Sure! Thanks for the compliment ;) Hope I can live up to the idea ;)
can you add me??
Sure! But I don't think I'll be able to comment on your journal, as I don't understand Russian... ;)
i wanna read the juicy details of your highly interesting life! lol :)
Lol! Added ;)
Hey we should friend eachother cause we have a lot of the same interests like GA, Kate walsh, Eric Dane (you recentley joined my community for him) Alanis and more so i'm gonna friend you, please friend me back ;)
Hey! Sounds good ;-) I will friend you back :]
well,I added you)I don`t really write anything in my journal,but I`d like to read yours,so please add me back?)
Added you back!
GAAAAH! I've been a slacker and missed your friends cut! Please let me back! oh nooooo! I'm actually going to update my journal as regularly as I can.

I miiiiiss you!
I'll add you back! :D
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