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jesse williams [exploded ovaries]

May 2019

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jesse williams [exploded ovaries]

Locked journal

Comment to be considered.

Do not comment if you have an inactive journal, only post quizzes and mems and if you don't plan on commenting or reading my journal. Other than that, I don't have any demands.

For those who have been cut; You probably haven't been reading my journal for a while anymore which is fine, no hard feelings. If you'd wanna be added back, you know the drill.

I do not post my graphics here. Go to cosmicworld instead and feel free to friend.


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...and my personal one too. *i thought this is the personal one*
I wanna be kept! ^_^
Kept! :)
Keep me....i've only recently joined you flist....but keep me!!
Sure thing!
I am reading your journal, so I'm like reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hoping that you won't delete me from your friends list! :D
You're kept!! :) One of my most faithful commenters, haha! :D
you know u wanna keep me buddy :) :) :)

*hugs* ive always kept my journal friends only, im nice but im careful :)
Hahahaha! You know I do mate! ;) ♥
Keep me. :)
I'm reading! I'm reading! Pweeeze keep me!!
Convinced. Kept. ;)
*raises hand*
do I have to say anything? ;)
Just that you love me! ;)

Ofcourse not maggieeeee! ♥
keep me! keep me! :D:D
Kept :)

Kept :)
yay you kept me (:
Ofcourse luv! ♥
Huh? You are in my friendslist, arent you?

Major confusion.

Were you logged in when you visited my lj? You gotta be logged in.

I'm gonna check things.

Have fun luv!! ♥
hi! ik heb je lj van dutch_exchange en ikheb je ge-add...add me back?
Hoi! Ja tuurlijk, ik add je back ;)
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