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__cort's Journal


triscuit ♥
21 May
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ashley megan danielle jen kim adrienne moriah
nichole jen michele michela lyndsay kaila <33333
i love my girls<3 bestfriends forver and ever++

my name is cortney, im almost 16, and i live in rutland, massachusetts. i moved from worcester, mass in seventh grade on the same day as my bestfriend ashleyyy. i got to wachusett regional highschool with most of my friends. i have a boyfriend who ive been on and off with since feb 14th 2003, and his name is mike. im really not allowd to hang out with him so i enjoy being with him as much as i get to see him. i also enjoy hanging out with other guys too because mike isnt controlling. he loves me very much. ive learned not to choose my boyfriend over any of my friends, so i get along better with everyone now. i have two big dogs named mickey and pluto. they live in my basement with my brothers pet iguana, lysol. my favorite food is potatoes, chinese food, and i loooove my grandmothers italian cooking. my favorite color is pink even though i think i dont look good in it. i am addicted to my camera and i love being in pictures. i am on the phone 24/7. i am deffinately a livejournal geek, i will go on anywhere anytime. i miss the inseparable 8/nine from middle school (me jen jen michele nichole steph britt kayla & calista). i like helping my friends when theyre in trouble/have problems. i usually look down on people but its just my personality. i dont think that im shy and i think im easy to get along with. when im mad or upset, i usually dont like to talk it out. i always think im right. i take everthing to the extreme. i also take everyhing to heart. i wouldnt consider myself a drunk, but i drink as often as possible. ive never done a hard drug, nor do i plan to in the near future. ive never cheated on a boyfriend, nor will i EVER. if youre not my friend, or a friend of a friend, i want nothing ot do with you. when people run away they usually choose to run to my house for some reason. one time, me and jen got stuck in the mud for 15 minutes and we were covered from head to toe with mud. me and danielle had to take care of a drunk girl one time, scared to death she was going to die. one time, me and ashley got woken up by her mom at 3 in the morning to tell us not to smoke in the house. we also babysat her aunts dog, lucy, for a week and she would join us on uor smoke walks around the building, she came on adventures with us ;). one day chichi and nitwit will have babies. i love my friends & my boyfriend<333

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i love my giiiiirls<3333 i love live journals (me & carly are livejournal geeeeks) i partayyyy, love to have fuuunn, i am one of those people you call a camera whore & not to mention 'i am sooo funny' ;)
Strengths: i love easily :) im really easy goingg & i am deff the funniest thing EVER. if you dont think so, you're WRONG-O!
Weaknesses: biiitchy at tiimes, and me and ashley dont take shit from anyone anymore.. thats about all
Special Skills: me jen & ashleeyy know how to ride the train very well :) ..i am special all around. chooo-choooo
Weapons: come find out ;)
Who I Love: everybody <3

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