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friday i went to jens and we took pics of rach & sam before prom. we walked to seans work and then he brought us to friendlys. we picked up alex and then went to back to jens together. at like 12 blakney came and sean left.

saturday i went home at like 4 and then at 6 i went back.. adrienne drove me jen and moriah to mcdonalds then we all went to neals with everyone. at like like 1:30 jack drove me jen n moe back to moes.

today me and jen went to lukes at like 11:30 and worked on our history skit alllll day (it sucks so bad lol)


me & neal make ninja turtles during german class :)

me and jens adventure...

break it down

me and jen made the cuuties a red carpet HAHA


i love this girl

i gave that flower to sean :)

outside of his work

wtf jen? haha ..seans in the backround


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