__contagious__ (__contagious__) wrote,

another starry eyed stare
that starts from your shoes and goes to your hair
nothing i can say would make you look at me and feel the same way
i can say it's unfair
but i'll keep to myself and continue to wear this mask
i'll hide my purest form away
so believe when i say...
i'm the one that you're looking for, i'm the one you need
i'm begging you, come your senses to…
do you need the blood i bleed?
is it worth getting older
cause now it's the end and nothings working out
i swore that this would happen again and again and again
do you need the blood that i bleed from each vein every night
all this is now one familiar sight
weighed down in all my problems, i'm sinking too deep
should i make a promise i know i can't keep
did you know that desire's the reason we live
and happiness, a gift i wish someone would give me
but that time, it seems, is so far away
here's to life and believe when i say

i love this song.

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