__contagious__ (__contagious__) wrote,

kissmeimcontagos: Hey!
kissmeimcontagos: u get the pics?
HeRiTiCsRiSe666: hey lol i got the pics
HeRiTiCsRiSe666: nice tongue
HeRiTiCsRiSe666: lol
kissmeimcontagos: ;-)
kissmeimcontagos: haha
kissmeimcontagos: they were dorky
kissmeimcontagos: i was too lazy to take any last night
kissmeimcontagos: haha
kissmeimcontagos: i will tonight tho, when i get back from my lacrosse game!
HeRiTiCsRiSe666: oooooooo lacross good luck
kissmeimcontagos: thanx!
kissmeimcontagos: we'll win
kissmeimcontagos: its okemos...
kissmeimcontagos: they suck
HeRiTiCsRiSe666: lol
HeRiTiCsRiSe666: score for me
kissmeimcontagos: I'll try
kissmeimcontagos: if not, ill beat some girl down for ya
HeRiTiCsRiSe666: k
HeRiTiCsRiSe666: lol
kissmeimcontagos: :-D
kissmeimcontagos: omg
kissmeimcontagos: its so fucking hot outside
kissmeimcontagos: i just walked from school to Alex's house
kissmeimcontagos: haha
kissmeimcontagos: i took pics of random ppl
kissmeimcontagos: there were theese hott guys with their shirts off so i took a pic of them, they noticed and were lookin at me like...wtf
HeRiTiCsRiSe666: umm thats great
kissmeimcontagos: it was funny
kissmeimcontagos: me and alex ran
kissmeimcontagos: cuz we thought we'd get jumped
kissmeimcontagos: ha so how was school?
HeRiTiCsRiSe666: hott
kissmeimcontagos: omg same here we went outside for gym and i had to take off my shirt (i had a tank under chris, dont get any ideas)
HeRiTiCsRiSe666: yeah i figured
kissmeimcontagos: haha
kissmeimcontagos: ur not very talkative
kissmeimcontagos: are u like Riggo? only talk to me when you think sumthings wrong or i hate you?
HeRiTiCsRiSe666: no im writing this music for our band cus we want it on paper not just memorized so i have to do it cus im the only one who can lol yeah
kissmeimcontagos: ...
kissmeimcontagos: gosh the other ppl in ur band are slackers :-P
HeRiTiCsRiSe666: lol fuck yeah they are im soo dedicated
kissmeimcontagos: well thats good chris
kissmeimcontagos: lol
HeRiTiCsRiSe666: !! i gave my speech today imm soo glad its over
kissmeimcontagos: !!! what was the speach on?
HeRiTiCsRiSe666: i memorized the damn thing n it was over three minutes long
HeRiTiCsRiSe666: umm Ulysses S. Grant
kissmeimcontagos: ...
kissmeimcontagos: fun?!
kissmeimcontagos: i yelled at a teacher today! go me go me. not as cool and giving a speach but still i earn cool points
HeRiTiCsRiSe666: no its better thats awesome lol
kissmeimcontagos: haha, alex was trying to get the keyboard thing open, and my legs were in the way, and i was like AHH STOP MY LEGS ARE OPENED and alex is like, thats cuz u want some one to fuck u
HeRiTiCsRiSe666: yeah ME
HeRiTiCsRiSe666: lol jk
kissmeimcontagos: Of course!
kissmeimcontagos: ;-)
kissmeimcontagos: my the teacher told me to shut up. and i was like "your rude" and shez said sumthing i forgot and i was like "thats not how u make friends!!" and she got mad
kissmeimcontagos: lol
kissmeimcontagos: brb me and alex are hungry
kissmeimcontagos: hey what r u doing this weekend this is alex i want to meet u
kissmeimcontagos: alex says come on bitch! answer (haha funny girl)
HeRiTiCsRiSe666: im not doing shit lol
HeRiTiCsRiSe666: just ahgning out
kissmeimcontagos: cuz ur a loser?
kissmeimcontagos: just kidding
kissmeimcontagos: you wanna hang with me and caitie this weekend??
HeRiTiCsRiSe666: sure if ya call me ...( which you never will cus you always say you will n never do lol)
kissmeimcontagos: lol, sorry chris! i will tho, alex was like "i will call him fuck that shit"
kissmeimcontagos: 6450021 right??
HeRiTiCsRiSe666: yeah
kissmeimcontagos: woo! i remeber it!
kissmeimcontagos: im good ;-)
kissmeimcontagos: lol
kissmeimcontagos: were hungry brb
HeRiTiCsRiSe666: k
kissmeimcontagos: ew
kissmeimcontagos: shez eating whipped cream and doritos
kissmeimcontagos: so do u still have a crush on kaitlyn?
HeRiTiCsRiSe666: no
kissmeimcontagos: why not?!
kissmeimcontagos: who do u like now? tay? alli? casey?
HeRiTiCsRiSe666: we r just friends if you even call it that she hates me cus im an ass to her lol
kissmeimcontagos: aww
kissmeimcontagos: ur an ass to me too. but i can deal with it
kissmeimcontagos: <3 <--see that for u :-P
kissmeimcontagos: do u like alli now? lol
kissmeimcontagos: u seem to always like her... ha.
kissmeimcontagos: Gosssh, dont talk :-P. here talk to alex im going to goo.... i dunno i will be back!
HeRiTiCsRiSe666: okay sorry im writing that music lol
kissmeimcontagos: sorry about the caps
HeRiTiCsRiSe666: lol k sorry
HeRiTiCsRiSe666: im here
kissmeimcontagos: i was joking
kissmeimcontagos: good
kissmeimcontagos: so what is new with u and this ali girl
kissmeimcontagos: u like her still!
HeRiTiCsRiSe666: she will never lik me like that again tho
kissmeimcontagos: thou what
kissmeimcontagos: tho**
HeRiTiCsRiSe666: well i g2g ill be on later my grandma is kicking me off sorry call me tonight ill be home like five thirty
kissmeimcontagos: ttyl
kissmeimcontagos: love yeah tonzz
kissmeimcontagos: bye!
HeRiTiCsRiSe666: bye ly2
HeRiTiCsRiSe666 signed off at 4:21:40 PM.

Im at alex's house! we took some pics!
their funny ;-).
ill post them when i get home!

I havealacrosse game at 6:30!!
cheer me on
wish me luck

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