The ribbon on my wrist says "Do not open before Christmas"

I'm just a knotch in your bedpost but you're just a line in a song

21 September
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I Will Fight

About Me

::My name is Lynden ::
::I am a sophmore at Jackson High School::
:: Music = Life ::
::I'm usually very nice, unless you piss me off::
::I am an internet addict, and HTML is fun::
::Green Day is my favorite and only obsession::
::I do like Bush, so get over it [although I'm not for everything he is]::
::I believe in God and I do go to church::
::I hate basically all of the people at my school, except for a select few::
::I enjoy writing music and playing it::
::I am a band geek::
::I love the fact that our neighbors to the North arent against smoking Marajuana::
::I play bass guitar, guitar, piano, trumpet and flute::
:: RAP = Retards Attemping Poetry ::
::I use the word retard in my everyday language, I'm sorry if you take offense::
::I only recently found out that G Unit is a rap group and the Game is a sinlge person::
::The ribbon on my wrist says do not open before Christmas::
::I have some issues...well quite a few::
::I am a LiveJournal addict, and I post like 2 or 3 times a day for no point::


::Green Day::
::Billie Joe Armstrong::
::Tre Cool::
::Mike Dirnt::
::Fall Out Boy::
::Rock and Roll::
::Coheed and Cambria::
::Warped Tour::
::The Ramones::
::Star Wars::
::Care Bears::
::Ashlee Simpson::
::Disney Channel::
::emo boys in girl jeans::
::Speaking Pig-Latin::
::Wandering around the mall looking funny::
::Making funny faces::
::Polka dots::
::Jamba Juice::


::Green Day haters::
::People who are mean::
::People who do shrooms, because shrooms are bad::
::People who think I'm a whore::
::Preppy Sluts::
::People who pretend to be something they're not::
::People who refuse to be wrong::
::People who hate a band just because they "sell out"::
::I dont really like rap music::
::The use of the word "gay" out of context
::Good Charlotte and the words "is punk" in the same sentence


::Green Day::
::Foo Fighters::
::Fall Out Boy
::Pinhead Gunpowder::
::The Academy Is...::
::Ashlee Simpson::
::The Ramones::
::The Killers::
::Panic! At the Disco::
::The Starting Line::
::All American Rejects::
::The Blood Brothers::
::Coheed and Cambria::
::The Offspring::
::My Chemical Romance::
::Jimmy Eat World::
::Blink 182::
::Had it Made::
::Alkaline Trio::
::Billy Talent::
::Matchbook Romance::
::New Found Glory::
::Anti Flag::
::Avenged Sevenfold::
::Hawthorne Heights::
::Story of the Year::
::The Beatles::
::Lucky Boys Confusion::
::A Change of Pace::
::Aaron Carter::
::System of a Down::
::American Hi-Fi::
::Five Iron Frenzy::
::Guns N Roses::
::Less Than Jake::
::Flogging Molly::
::Bounching Souls::
::Velvet Revolver::
I pretty much like anything rock/alternative/emo/screamo/punk

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