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She's got me spending...

SOooo.......  guess what?  Amy Lee is no longer Amy Lee!!!  She actually changed her name when she got married, she's now Amy Hartzler,  her long-time boyfriend Josh and she got married a litte while ago.  Other odd news? The drummer Rocky Gray left the band cause he's a jerk and told Amy that he was only in it for the money and didn't care about the band or the music, and then John LeCompt (one of the guitarists) followed suit and left.  

enough evanescence news.

I'm finally updating!
Today I came home afterschool with the intention of eating,  cleaning up etc. and then heading out to do something.  But alas, when I finished eating and whatnot, I decided I was long overdue for a night at home, so I stayed in and just relaxed. Fucknast it was nice not be stressed.  At least for one day...

Tomorrow I work from 8:30 - 6 at Cows on Queen, so if any of yous want ice cream for cheap, come tomorrow!  After that I'm hangin out with mine KS Ellen.  Sunday I've got the regular brunch thing at my grandmother's then I'm working on MacBeth project.  Excitement? Sunday night = Carload night at the drive in! Sweetnasty.  Then on monday I plan on hanging out with Ellen again, we need to get reconnected.. hahaha.  
Anyway,  (notice I said anyway, not anyways!)
Goodnight all!   Have a great long weekend!

Ps. Kathleen, sorry for not calling, as I said, I just stayed in tonight!

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