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 I really miss:

living SANS engineering
ellen's basement
making a mess of kathleen's kitchen
washing my hands with subs (thanks becca)
singing sexyback in a tent at gabe's cottage
gabe's cottage

I think it's obvious that I just miss my island summertime,  soo.. that should hurry up and get here!

are you for scuba?

 So.  What do I have to report??   This weekend couldn't have come soon enough.  I had SUCH a rough week, and now that I've passed in my umpteenth assignment, my labs are done I can finally relax.
No wait.
I can't.
Being as though I've decided to leave school on thursday for an excursion to montreal till sunday, I have to have all of my work done for wednesday!  The problem?  I only get my work assigned to me on monday and sometimes tuesday :S  that should be fun.  I hope to hell that montreal makes up for it!   I have to write a calculus midterm on the monday when I get back... that sucks.  But I'll deal.   I wrote an EE (Electrical Engineering) midterm today and it didn't go too badly at all!  YAY be proud.  
In other news, non academic,  I'm swimming again!  I know, you are all so happy for me.. not.  who cares?  However, it does make ME feel good,  I feel more in shape and not as lazy.  Plus swimming is just good for you.

I will see some of you thursday, the rest of you, I hope to see you in the near future,  distance makes the heart grow fonder right?  so yall better be HEAD OVER FREAKING HEELS for me when I come back!

Ps.  The second season of Grey's Anatomy is so freaking long, and I love it.  The episodes never end!!
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Brian Is:


I just don't even know,  things are actually going well here.  I'm happy, I have great friends, school's not overly awful yet.  But I just can't help but be lonesome and isolated.  
Being completely, actually completely broke doesn't help my outlook on the next few months either.

I very much miss my mother.
and a certain blonde girl who I keep near and dear to my heart  
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Happiness is a warm gun.

 I am ACTUALLY getting my work done!  Procrastination is at a minimum and I couldn't be happier.   Things seem to be working out for me lately, minus the HUGE deal of me being broke...  no idea how to fix that being as though engineering = no free time and a job necessitates free time...
All in favour of a Brian Needs Change Fund??  AYE

change of location

so I find myself in Fredericton.  Once again.  And I already sense a very bad few months on their way.   My semester looks quite difficult to say the least, and I really wish I had my islander friends here.  I'll deal, I mean, it's not like I don't like anyone here!  I'm just way more open with people home.  I think my biggest concern is that I just don't want to have to get back into assignments and homework.  not to mention the Engineering Exec meetings start right away on tuesday. shoot me.
Sorry about the bedgrudgeoned post, but it's just what's up at the moment.  I'm listening to some pleasant music graciously provided by the Golden Dogs, and the calming hum of my humidifier.  I should sleep fairly well tonight.  I have to be up for an 8:30 tomorrow,  should be quite a shock being as though I've been getting up at noon for the past 3 weeks... oh dear.
Goodnight all!  Happy schooling!  I'll see yall at an undetermined time (I don't know when I'm coming home next)
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I'm Bringing it Back

I just read Brittany's post about bringing livejournal back, and I've decided to join in because 
A) It's not facebook
B) It IS personal, but not invasive, like facebook can be
and C) I just like typing. hahaha

So.  My break was awesome, I worked some (which will pay for Quebec skiing in march) saw a lot of my friends which was very nice and spent some time with my family.  I think in hindsight, I would've liked to have spent more time with my family, but only 4 of them.  So that wouldn't have worked out so well.   I want to say thanks, and a temporary goodbye to urrbody who made me break sweet.
I REALLY don't want to go back to fredericton, as much as I do enjoy the university life and all my friends there, it's just not home and I'm not nearly as close with the peeps at UNB as I am with the people here.  I might try to work on that (being more myself, that is).  I'm going to miss the good food, the parties, the sober hangouts, the food again..  but nostalgic posts are boring.

Today!  I became a potluck god (says Sarah and Becca). hhahah,  jess palmer and I decided to have a potluck to say goodbye to everyone but then Jess got sick and on very short notice (because I hadn't read my facebook updates) I realised this.  So I posted on the event wall, called some people, chatted on MSN and relocated the potluck to my house and saved christmas.  errr,  the potluck.  Becca succeeded in taking detailed pictures of all the food that was brought, which by the way, was all shadowed by the greatness of the food that sarah and I made.  Chocolate Trifle, Pistacio Chocolate ..cupcakes? (container for pistacio pudding actually made of chocolate), chocolate leaves (LEAVES) to decorate the trifle, Homeade lasagna, and a most wonderful salad (Raspberry, Strawberry, Feta, Various Greens.. mmmmmm).  Everyone else really came through too, not just boring stuff, like chips.  Thanks yall!   
I'm sleepy.
I will see you all again at an unknown time, being as though I don't know when I'm coming home next.  Much Love
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She's got me spending...

SOooo.......  guess what?  Amy Lee is no longer Amy Lee!!!  She actually changed her name when she got married, she's now Amy Hartzler,  her long-time boyfriend Josh and she got married a litte while ago.  Other odd news? The drummer Rocky Gray left the band cause he's a jerk and told Amy that he was only in it for the money and didn't care about the band or the music, and then John LeCompt (one of the guitarists) followed suit and left.  

enough evanescence news.

I'm finally updating!
Today I came home afterschool with the intention of eating,  cleaning up etc. and then heading out to do something.  But alas, when I finished eating and whatnot, I decided I was long overdue for a night at home, so I stayed in and just relaxed. Fucknast it was nice not be stressed.  At least for one day...

Tomorrow I work from 8:30 - 6 at Cows on Queen, so if any of yous want ice cream for cheap, come tomorrow!  After that I'm hangin out with mine KS Ellen.  Sunday I've got the regular brunch thing at my grandmother's then I'm working on MacBeth project.  Excitement? Sunday night = Carload night at the drive in! Sweetnasty.  Then on monday I plan on hanging out with Ellen again, we need to get reconnected.. hahaha.  
Anyway,  (notice I said anyway, not anyways!)
Goodnight all!   Have a great long weekend!

Ps. Kathleen, sorry for not calling, as I said, I just stayed in tonight!
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fast music

has you ever listened to music played at 150% speed? it's really hard to go along with it.........

specifically Wind It Up. holy fast.
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How I've missed this feeling!!

Brian Middleton is a metaphor for Elated!
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