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El Bello Mulatto

this is who I am

Micael C
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No matter what people say. I've got it going on. Who cares 'bout what they think? And I am an entertainer extraordinaire...

So You Heard I'm A Superstar?

^^^I'm thinking "Hot! Hot! Hot!"^^^
Casey Spooner makes me wanna... CREAM!
Kimya Dawson Loves Me

Trading Cards
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User Number: 7024358
Date Created:05/05/05
Number of Posts: 32

Description: I don't know a goddamn thing about the birds and the bees.
Strengths: Paper thin creativity. Replications. Mulatto. Cooking. Writing.
Weaknesses: Cooking shows. Food Network. Casey Spooner. Marilyn Manson. Women with raspy voices: Lil' Kim, Milla Jovovich, Rachel Ray, Kimya Dawson. Sarcasm. Men with confidence and a sense of humour.
Special Skills: Dessert cooking skills are unmatched: flan, pies, cakes, cookies, pan de dulce, rice crispies, etc. Water color painting.
Weapons: Pots, pans and skillets. OH MY! Paint brushes. Milla Jovovich kick ass fighting moves in "Resident Evil."
Notorious M.Y.K.E.

This SouthSide fly boy came back for Des Moines...

How Many Licks?
By Lil' Kim