a boring life in a boring town

that same old crowd that brings me down

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The name is Valeri. I am a 15 year old going through high school as a sophomore. Cheerleading is my SPORT. I cheer for my high school team; last march we won 1st place at the ECA Nationals <3 I'm almost always happy, love to talk & I absolutely love people who can make me laugh which is usually pretty easy. I'm usually not a bitch but if your a bitch to me you had it coming. If you have a problem I'm willing to listen & help out all I can as long as you'd do the same for me. I would kill for a good hug. I can be really funny, super bitchy or just totally antisocial.. depends on who I'm around & what kind of mood I'm in. Single & lovn' it hating it. At times I enjoy to randomly hablo en español. I hate getting sunburn, so I own a 50 SPF sunblock. I laugh when I'm nervous which most people find..odd. Ask anybody, I'm a sack of insecurities, but I'm also a sack of confidence - it's a very exotic mix. I can't spell for shit, & I've given up on trying. I have the best friends in the world & I hope to keep it that way. I love going to the beach & being with my homies. FYI, I am also a certified ganster, son =) I hate people who TaW1K 1Yk3 Di$$!!!111! - just stop, you're not cool. I enjoy random IM converstaions, so IM me @ ohh mi gawsh.
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