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i'm serious as a heart attackkk

ambition, i have found, can only lead to failure.

laughing out loud, zebras!
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so testosterone boys and harlequin girls:
'old school' rock, acting stupid, alkaline trio, anti-social, balloons, being a super hero, being hyper, being stupid, big piles of leaves, black, blink 182, boys, boys with make-up, brand new, bright colors, cameras, candy, christmas, chuck taylors, chuck' e cheese, comfy beds, comfy pillows, daisies, dancing in the rain, disney movies, dogs, dorks, dots, dr. pepper, dvds, emo glasses, eve 6, eyeliner, fast computers, finch, free stuff, fresh prince of bel-air, giggling, going outside, good grades, green, guitars, halloween, harry potter, hommies, hugs, humming, ice cream, jack skellington, jelly bracelets, jimmy eat world, laughing, lemonade with strawberries, little kid shows, losers, love, love notes, love notess, making others smile, micheal ian black, movies, music, music videos, my friends, my room, new shirts, night, nightmare before christmas, nirvana, old school punk, oldies, pacman, photography, pictures, pins, playing dress up, playing guitar, poetry, power rangers, punch buggies, rain, random things, retro stuff, riding in convertables, romantic stuff, rupert grint, safety pins, scooby doo, senses fail, sesame street, sex hair, shoe laces, singing, skinny boys, sleeping in, slurpees, smashing pumpkins, snow, snuggling, spiderman, spongebob, starbucks, stars, stickers, super heros, taking back sunday, taking pictures, talking, teddy bears, that 70s show, the 90's, the nightmare before christmas, the word 'dude', three days grace, thunderstorms, tickling, tim burton, toe socks, trampolines, video cameras, watching, weezer, writing, ,