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7th-Jul-2010 09:56 pm - OHEMGEE!!!
zach & milo

90% of the entries are locked, at least.
comment to be added.
31st-Jan-2009 09:24 pm - it has come to this.
David Cook - blue paint
okay. so. i'm going to be selling a ton of stuff in order to try and pay for a plane ticket to new york in march for the david/ryan tour. ugh. ugh. ugh. the new jersey shows sold out and amanda won't be home that weekend and a friend has 2 extra tickets to the show on the 13th, when amanda will be home. so fate obviously wants me to go on the 13th. Niagra Falls. wtf is wrong with my life. My mom doesn't want me going, i asked if she'd be willing to donate and she flipped out hahaha. to quote the fresh prince, parents just don't understand. sigh.

So i'm going through things that I either don't need, don't use or can manage to part with that might get me some cash. and i thought the flight i needed was $260 but it would be cutting it way close with time, so it may be like $280. still not bad. and maybe it will drop? So far I'm going to sell like... my PSP, pretty much anything jonas brothers related i have haha, anything i have double of (except my comics, lmao. i didn't realize i had like 5 copies of Milo Ventimiglia's first issue 'Rest' comic, all autographed by him and Tim Sale. I think i can only bring myself to sell one. eee), that David Cook pin up i bought from the tour that has not found a real home except for under stuff on my desk, my Maroon 5 autographed acoustic CD and i think I have a fall out boy shirt i never wore haha. yeah. just random shit i find in my room pretty much. when i stop being lazy i'll dig around more and put them all up on ebay. (and if i mentioned anything you want, let me know! haha) umm... i have no clue if what i put up will equal $280, but if i end up failing in my mission, at least i'll have some extra cash?

and to end, a meme. cuz i'm bored. stolen from like everyone on my flist.

1. Put your iPod or other music player on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the NEXT button to get your answer.
4. Tag friends who might enjoy doing this as well as the person you got this from. - I TAG WHOEVER HASN'T DONE THIS AND IS BORED AND WANTS TO. :)

and the results...Collapse )

24th-Nov-2008 09:27 am - David Cook's AMA Pre-show pictures.
Gabriel/Noah - magic word
yesterday was intenseeeee. in a good way. maybe i'll do a full re-cap later. but I wanted to post my Cook performance pictures because I am quite pleased with how they turned out. and FYI, i did not resize or edit them at all, so they're like OMG SUPER HQ.

I love my new camera. I think that's all I gotta say. :)

feedback is appreciated, i guess. haha. :) 
hope you guys liked them.

16th-Jul-2008 09:32 pm - MEGA IDOL PHOTO POSTTTTTT
Gabriel/Noah - magic word
so these are all my idol photos that i took at the show of everyone. INCLUDING COOKIE IN THE "I LOVE JASON CASTRO" SHIRT, KTHNX. (seriously, some of my cook photos are so horrible but i saved them anyways just cuz of that shirt).

So yeah, these are from Sacramento last wednesday (omg has it been that longggg?) and we had 3rd row. my camera honestly sucks ass and if it was better these pictures could've been amazing ahaha. but a few of them came out really nice. so yeah. :)

70+ photos.


comments and stuff are appreciated, i guess ahaha :)
19th-Jun-2008 08:37 am - so if you have a myspace
David Cook - tough cookie
go add www.myspace.com/phantomplanetonline
because all the cool websites apparently have myspace 'alert' systems in place and i want to be a cool website, dammit
even if you don't care about the band, add it and get my friends number up. it would be much appreciated. i just launched it like... this morning. so it has a total of like, 4 friends right now. haha.

but yeah, thanks. :)

[and if you haven't gone to www.phantomplanetonline.com, you suck :( and you should.]
16th-Jun-2008 11:59 am - DO YOU DO GRAPHICS?
Gabriel/Noah - magic word
i need your helpppp.

i know a lot of you guys do icons and stuff. I've finally got my website launched and ready to go but i need the following

1) a message board header
2) support banners/buttons
3) eventually, when i figure out coppermine, a gallery header

tbh my priority is the message board.

if you can help me out, i will love love love love you forever. :)
5th-Jun-2008 05:43 pm - honda civic tour stop #6
Gabriel/Noah - magic word
off to portland, oregon for honda civic tour and a bunch of other random shit i listed in my myspace bulletin, but due to time can't post here.

i'll be back monday. my plane lands tonight at 10:55.

bye. :)
David Cook - blue paint
I realize i never wrote anything about Ohio other than the amazing time I had. Hopefully I can stop being lazy and maybe post about it sooner or later.

Either way though, here are the pictures I got of Phantom Planet last week in Columbus, OH. There's 12 total.

If you're bored and you take a look, tell me what you think, i guess. haha.

6th-May-2008 06:50 pm - official annoucement....
Jason - secret lovers

more later. i'm still dying over duran duran (i didn't even realize that they were doing intro videos cuz i was like close to tears cuz like... my friends know... i kinda sorta LOVE duran duran).

vote for dcook. :) [pls throw like 5 votes at jason though. pleaseeeeeeee]
5th-Apr-2008 10:35 am - today's the day.
Pleasure Ryland
Few scenes from my life where moments mean more to me
than our fine nights,
I remember like yesterday, the time of my life.

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