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__captivate @ lj.com

an icon journal

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  • __captivate@livejournal.com

Welcome to my icon journal! I make mostly Harry Potter icons, sometimes Star Wars, and after summer I might not update as much as I'd like to because I start college in the fall. But feel free to peruse what I've done. I'm a bit of an amateur, but it's awfully fun to experiment.

Here are a few ground rules:
[x] If you take, comment and credit is always nice
[x] Comments are always welcome, especially constructive criticism
[x] Hotlinking makes me sad (so please DON'T do it)
[x] Check out my resources in the memories section. There's also a link to my resources in every post (I'm not too good with HTML so I don't know how to put a link here)

Ciao, and enjoy!