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One good spliff

19 May 1990
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Ok, bio... My name's Lotte, and I'm from Denmark. Odense to be exact. Yep, the birthplace of H.C. andersen. I am 16 years of age, and I've been on a sort of a Boarding school all of last year, but one you only stay at one year. It's called Sdr. Naeraa Efterskole. I was thrilled about it really... Next year it's Gymnasiet, which is like High school? I guess. Three years, and you're a student.

Well, add me, because I love people, and will comment. Well I think I'm supposed to describe myself here.. so, well.. what's there to say? I like music and drawing, and actings real fun too... I like my computer ALOT and guess I am this little geeky boy with glasses on the inside. I do wear glasses btw. black one, they look a bit like AKs on the pic, except they have stripes on them. I'm a bit of a boyish girl, I play the guitar and piano a little, I guess I'm sort of political. I'm a vegetarin btw. though I do eat fish. political and personal reasons.. most personal. I like Indie, rock, pop and Funk!, and experimental music and some jazz.. I love writing, mostly just fictional stories, and my diary, but I have put out a few fics, back in time...

Andrew Kendall! Your glasses have MAGIC POWERS!
Andrew Kendall!! Can I touch your camera and borrow

your girlfriend?

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YaY! I really like AK!