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Kristen. usually mispronounced as krisTIN. Some call me kayten. My family calls me teng-teng. seventeen. 8/23. incoming college freshman pre-nursing student at Mount Saint Mary's College in Los Angeles. 100% filipina. born and raised in southern california. performer. talkative. musicjunkie. NERD. optimistic. bubbly. enjoys laughter&fun. in love with the culture of japan. DISNEYLAND is the BEST. loves to learn new things. always open to new ideas&new people. wants to save the world one day or at least save someone's life. fangirls over jdoramas, miura haruma, anime, manga, johnny's entertainment, one tree hill, heroes. DSliteplayer. adobe photoshop literate. livejournal addict. spiders are the ultimate scariest thing ever. scary movies aren't the best thing to see with me. sucker for anything acoustic.

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