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Hearts & Minds

lost little boy

Boone Carlyle
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Full name: Boone Carlyle; Carlisle
Personality: Loyal, trusting, has a hero complex; tries to help, hard working, caring, giving, misunderstood; worries about others.
Hair color: Brown.
Eye color: Blue/green.
Age: 22 years old.
Parents: Mother; Sabrina Carlyle --- "The Martha Stewart of Matrimony".
Siblings: Stepsister; Shannon Rutherford.
Nicknames: Shannon -- God's friggin' gift to humanity; Charlie -- Pretty Boy; Sawyer -- Metro.

The bickering, overprotective, yet responsible sibling of Shannon. He was raised in a life of luxury; but at the absence of his mother's presence. His nanny Theresa was there during most of his childhood. When older he ran one of the subsidiaries of his mother's wedding empire, and worked as a lifeguard. The loyal, heroic and patient demeanor was all in good faith but his rescue attempts often fail. A reoccurring protective role he plays is caring for Shannon. She creates phony hardships with older men, that usually crash and burn; leaving Boone into constantly save her. This may be the reasoning for a concealed, dark secret behind the boy's luxurious life --- the covert truth of being in love with his stepsister.
       "All the money in the world can't buy what I want."

Boone was last seen with Shannon boarding Oceanic flight 815 from Sydney to LAX. It disintegrated at a low altitude over the Pacific Ocean and suffered a horrific crash. He is currently missing and considered dead.

Get what it feels like to be LOST; ( The Island RP )

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