Boone Carlyle (__boone) wrote,
Boone Carlyle

If you haven't been watching LOST this season, then IT'S TOO LATE. You probably think LOST is just about a monster on an island. Pft, we are SO beyond a monster. CATCH UP. Do you even know what the numbers mean? Maybe --- Well we're not tellin' you either Johnny-come-lately. I suppose you don't even know what's down the hatch, or who this guy is. WHY WEREN'T YOU PAYING ATTENTION? LOOK AT ME, do you have any idea what happened to Walt? Oh, you don't even know who Walt is! Yeah he doesn't know who Walt is. YOUR PATHETIC. Turn back now, you will NEVER catch up. If you don't know about the Polar Bears, then you don't know SH*T!

LOST --- maybe you should try something more your speed.

Can you tell I have nothing else better to post in this thing? xD
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