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__blank_film's Journal

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.Kelsi Michelle.

I love the color pink.
I adore my big brother and sister.
I talk to my brother a LOT.
I tell my mom everything. EVERYTHING.
My exbf got me obsessed with Halo 2.
I'd rather stay in and watch a movie then go out and party.
Ring of fire (/kings) is my favorite drinking game.
I'm a beer pong champ!
I prefer rum or vodka but if I'm drinking beer it better be dark!
My biggest celebrity crush is Daniel Clark (from Degrassi).
Followed by Johnny Depp...of course.
I'm pretty obsessed with figure skating and hockey.
I skated on a synchro team called the Zambunnies.
I broke my sacrum (ass) and wrist while skating.
I also have 3 scars from it.
I got first at the Florida State games in 2003.
I went to South Carolina to skate in sectionals for Synchro skating.
I have more than 50 of trophies and medals.
I like wakeboarding and I miss the beach.
I'm SUPER afraid of water (like the ocean).
I've had surgery 3 times, and I'm not afraid of needles.
I don't believe in god, but I believe in karma.
I don't believe in love or relationships or happiness in general. I'm not bitter. =P
I love driving, and I usually end up driving everywhere.
I would rather stay up late then get up early.
I prefer text messaging to talking on the phone.
I NEVER check my voicemail.
I went to a math and science magnet, but I hate those subjects.
Challah is my favorite food.
Matzah ball soup is a close second.
I mainly like Jewish guys. I don't think I could marry a guy that wasn't Jewish.
I love traveling, and I want to live in Australia one day.
Tasmania was my favorite place when I went there. Little known fact: Sidney sucks.
I can do a split, and I could touch my nose with my tongue before I had braces.
I love my friends and pretty much couldn't live without them.

I love my family

"How do you know you've found your best friend? When you are ready to talk to them about anything, even though they know everything about you already."

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