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If only you knew what that means.


Roses are red
Violets are blue
If I had a rock
I'd throw it at you




Sirius Octavian Black is (or was) the oldest member of the Ancient and Most Noble House of
Black. He was born on October fourteenth into riches and fame and purity. He got on well
enough with his family and got along great with his little brother Regulus, who up until he
was ten idolized Sirius. They would spend a lot of their time terrorizing their mother and
just being mischievous in general. When Sirius got his letter for Hogwarts, he was thrilled
and paraded around Grimmaud place, knocking over the House Elf, Kreacher, and not even
bothering to say sorry.

Sirius had heard from his family that the only acceptable house to be placed in was
Slytherin, as their whole family (except for his uncle Alphard. But the family doesn‘t
associate with him anymore.) had come from that house. Sirius was therefore surprised and
shocked that he was put into Gryffindor and was a bit moody at first because he had
disappointed his family. He quickly forgot about that when a boy with crazy hair and big
glasses sat down next to him and commented on his shoes. His name was James Potter and since
dinner after the sorting that night they’ve been inseparable. Sirius also made two more
friends, a shy boy who liked books called Remus Lupin and a small boy who sorta looked like a
cute little mouse called Peter Pettigrew. The four of them became best mates and were always
there for each other (but all of them were there for Peter more because he’s sort of a piece
of work.)

Of course, being in Gryffindor has caused Sirius to gain new Slytherin enemies. And of
course, Sirius has a soft spot for Snivellus Snape who he bullies to no end. Not that Snape
doesn’t deserve it. He DEFINITELY deserves to have his alarmingly large nose punched in.

In second year the Marauders figured out that their mate Remus was a werewolf. They were
really supportive and they didn’t want to lose their friend. So, James, Sirius and Peter
became Animagi. Sirius takes the form of a big shaggy dog named Padfoot (alternate: Snuffles)
and the three of them keep Remus company when he loses his mind completely to the wolf.

Since Sirius is a lot more intelligent than he lets on, he realized that his family, his
house, the whole Stupid Ancient Old House of Black very well could have been wrong about
blood and purity and all that stupid bit. In sixth year, he ran away, saying good-bye to all
that the Black Family had to offer, never looking back.


Sirius gives off the impression of being carefree. He jokes around a lot, he’s very playful.
But there is the melodramatic Sirius underneath it all that despises his family and a lot of
other things. Sirius can’t stand his insufferable idiot brother and makes a point of
harassing him in the corridors.

Sirius is laid back and can be caught on more than one occasion lounging in a chair in the
common room rather than doing his own work. He is very smart and uses it in ways that no one
would really think of using. One time he set off seven dung bombs in Snape's book bag during
Potions when he wasn’t looking. It took a lot of skill and management, but Sirius pulled it
off. See? Ingenious mind, he’s got. Sirius loves a good prank, and he considers April Fools
Day to be the best holiday in the history of holidays.

Sirius is fiercely protective of his friends. He will always jump to defend them, in a
heartbeat. Sirius can’t say that he isn’t annoyed with James for not giving up on Lily Evans.
Sirius thinks it’s taking away from their FRIEND-TIME. He rolls his eyes when James gets
pathetic about it. But all in all, Sirius just likes being himself and having fun.

Not Sirius Black, not Ben Jelen. But that would be pretty sweet.
played by skelly.