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~*~Bird's Words~*~

*~*With bird I'll share this lonely view~*

Puffy the Pigeon
dorian ~ redass
I took this picture when I lived in Connecticut.

Puffy the pigeon

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dorian ~ flag
I want to watch Beck.. I don't give a rat ass about Senator Murder's death

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dorian ~ evil talon
I hope this does not come out as me being heartless...

I do not understand humans.
There is someone in another community I belong to defending public healthcare by stating all that is wrong with her. Yes, I do have a heart and believe everyone who is a citizen should get proper health care. But in her ramblings about her poor health and her depression that makes her cause harm to herself and others, and her living under the poverty level she comes out with how she is expecting a child in a couple months?

Uhh.. Hello??? McFly!
1. She states she can not afford to live.

2. She states she HARMS herself and others.
WTF?? Great place for a baby to be.

I did not post a reply to this person. Yet.
But it has bothered me all day thinking there are so many people in this world who live life this way. Serious, why have a child if you are so poor you can't make ends meet? Why burden this gift of life with such heartache from the get go? Life is hard. Why start a babies life if you can not pay to make it as wonderful as possible?
YES.. I understand accidents happen, but shit, in this day and age they shouldn't. If you can not afford a condom, you sure as hell will not be able to afford a child.
And if you do wind up knocked up with money issues, and medical issues and mental issues, wouldn't it be in the child's best interest to be raised by someone who CAN afford them, and is stable enough not to harm them?
Yea, yea, yea... poor people should be allowed to have children too.. I suppose. But I do not understand why someone would willingly bring a child into poverty, excepting the tax dollar to pay for them.
I can see aiding a family with food stamps, WIC, and even subsidized daycare for families or single women trying to earn a living. But if you are completely unable to provide anything for your child, why is it be everyone else owes it to you?

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dorian ~ flag
Yea, I have not posted in a while.. a long while.
I am still here.

Writer's Block: Economizing
dorian ~ flag
If you had to tighten your budget (or already have), what would be the easiest thing to cut?

Nothing is easy.
I gave up my dunkin donuts coffee.
I give my cell phone up at least once a month.
I buy everything on sale.
There is not much left to cut.

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dorian ~ flag
It is not ending..

Steve McNair found shot to death. :(


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dorian ~ flag
I think my mood of the day is based on the mere thought of the Cap and Trade shit.
It is so sweet to know that the average tax on electricity could be $1300.00 a year. $108.00 a month. $25.00 a week  $3.57 a day.
But the ringing voice of No one who makes under $250,000.00 will be taxed.
mhmm. yea.

It is also a great thought to have my Health benefits getting taxed. Woo Hoo.
Was I dreaming when I heard McCain getting pick on to shit about how his stupid health care plan was going to get the money? Yea.. his stupid health care plan that would have put you in charge of the insurance you got by giving everyone without insurance a yearly credit for the insurance. What a concept. America running as a capitalistic country making choices for themselves and their families. Just think of the jobs that would have been created in the medical insurance industries.... sigh. I have to stop, it is a fantasy.

A fantasy, just like having enough money to buy an iced coffee.

Writer's Block: Comic Instinct
dorian ~ evil talon
Do you think animals have a sense of humor?

Dorian does.
He laughs at me constantly, he also blows raspberries.
Last night he dive bombed me when my hair was full of dye and gave me a fat lip with his big ass talons.. he also thought it was hysterical when I was standing in front of him with blood dripping off my face to make sure his littel grey body was not covered in Auburn hair dye.

It amused him, me I thought his toxic feet were going to fall off. Or kill him o_O

RIP Michael
dorian ~ flag
When I first heard MJ died my first thought was "Now young boys are safe".
Angela called and was not that excited about my tone, but...
I flipped from the news to the Sox game(ick)and the NBA draft.

I ended up watching the news for the rest of the night. Gawking at the images and listening to the testimonials. I tried sleeping but the media was in a frenzy and my brain was sponging it in. I was saying last night that I felt bad for his children, his family.. and the distaste for him started to drift away. The pre-faded face of a young child is all I was picturing in my mind.
I woke this morning and the media was still in the frenzy speaking of the death of the 50 year old boy-man. It was not a dream. I roll over and see an image of that cute little boy he was... true sadness hit for the first time.

I drive to work and 90% of the stations are dedicated to MJ and the song that made me actually feel heart ache was the bellowing baby version of the person he became... "I'll be there.."

RIP Michael.

Writer's Block: Department of Burning Questions
dorian ~ flag
In your opinion, what is the cutest animal baby?

Baby Dorian's... surprising huh :p

dorian ~ flag
RIP Ed McMahon

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dorian ~ flag
I was looking through old floppy discs and found a couple gems.

Seeley, Oliver (young and slender) and Lindsey

My baby, at least 7 years ago...

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dorian ~ flag
I meant to post this yesterday, but I was busy and did not have time.

I know I am spending a lot of time criticizing President Obama, so I figured I would post my support to him for NOT releasing anymore of the torture pictures.

This weeks political complaint goes to Ms Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, for calling the Central Intelligence Agency a bunch of liars. uhh.. I am not a rocket scientist, but her 5 story changes make her the liar in my eyes.
I hope she gets booted, I am tired of seeing her on my TV.

Tired of P. C. ness
dorian ~ flag
The Christian Children's Fund has changed their name to Child Fund International.

The 70 year old charity is now politically correct? Give me a fucking break.
I am not Christian, however I have donated to the Christians Children's Fund in the past. Because I knew they did not just help "Christian" children and they were just a Christian based organization. I guess it is now wrong to show the world what religion you practice.

Can I ask those of you out there who do practice Christianity if this sickens you as much as it does me?
Article Here

** I wonder how many Christian's will stop donating their money and the children will be the one's who hurt in the long run.

(no subject)
dorian ~ flag
I wish I could have went to one of the many "right-wing extremist" demonstrations yesterday.

I am so proud of my fellow "right-wing extremists" for being peaceful and law abiding. I believe I only saw one arrest on line of a chick who would not get out of the road. So thank you, to the 100's of thousand of you "right-wing extremists" across this great country who voiced your opinions.

Everyone who knows me, knows the one type of music I can not stand is country. Go figure, the "right-wing extremists" gospel, but thanks to Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck for pushing John Rich and his song Shuttin' Down Detroit, the song is growing on me. Next thing I know I am going to turn into a bible thumper...

Just for you goon.
The video had me in tears.

More on the Tea Parties.
I have read and seen a lot of slinging towards the protesters yesterday. Yea, Middle America is not effected by the tax increase of the "wealthy" the president says he is taxing. But everyday the price to live is going up. People want the government to stop borrowing from their children and grand children's future. People want there to be a fair tax opposed to an income tax. It is fair. Everyone would pay taxes, period. And the rallies were not all about taxes and not all about Obama. It all started with Bush and his reckless spending, and this administration is taking that god awful deficit that this country was left with and tripled it already, in less then 100 days. It scares the hell out of people. For themselves, and for their children, for their country.

(no subject)
dorian ~ flag
Never in my life did I think I would hear an American president talk negatively to the world about my country. I am not ashamed to be an American Mr. President, I am fucking PROUD of it!

I turn the news on I hear our government blaming America for the guns in Mexico.
What I do not hear from our government is that the guns found that can be traced (a very small percentage) were mostly purchased BY the Mexican Government and either taken from them in conflict or sold to the drug cartels by the Mexican Government. So why is our government blaming itself for what it has no control over? Why is our government running around the world apologizing for being American?

Now I am hearing our president tell the European's how America is arrogant? You are kidding me right? I do not give a rats ass what the last president did to "sour" the World's view on America, OUR current president has NO right to talk shit about the country that voted his STUPID ASS into office!

I am not by any means a terrorist.
OOPS, forgot, saying the word "terrorist" is politically incorrect now. They are not "Terror Attacks" they are "man-caused disasters". And we are not fighting the "war on Terror" in the Middle East now, we are doing some kind of “overseas contingency operations”.

Anyway, I am not one of those people that want to cause disasters, but if I were, hearing the "boss man" of America run around begging the world for forgiveness would show me weakness. Weakness for a country that is STILL AT WAR or has overseas contingency operations what ever in the Hell that means. Our troops are still there risking their lives to give others a chance to live in the freedoms we Americans take advantage of. Or did take advantage of.

There are people in other countries that hate Americans because America is the BEST FUCKING COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.


(no subject)
dorian ~ flag
Lets see... what was it that was said last summer, no tax increases on anyone making less then $250,000.00 a year?


Raising Federal Taxes IS raising taxes on EVERYONE you fucking moron.

To speak or Not to speak...
dorian ~ flag

I heard that US government is going to spend more then every president from George Washington to George Bush combined.

I watched the press conference the other day... I probably shouldn't have.
Poor Angela was on the phone with me when I was having outbursts such as "spend, spend, spend" and "socialism". I could not contain myself.

AIG. *sigh*
The stimulus package this president signed about a month ago had the bonuses for AIG in it. Yet our president is saying how shocked and upset he is that it happened. Believe me, I am not happy with AIG one bit, if I had insurance through them I would find another company to insure me. But damn, this government gave them permission to give their bonuses out. Now this very same government is saying things like: "I’m as angry as anybody about those bonuses that went to some of the very same individuals who brought our financial system to its knees, partly because it’s yet another symptom of the culture that led us to this point."
Symptom of a culture that led us to this point?
Dear Mr President if you took a moment to read that insane stimulus package you would see it was you who rewarded these individuals.
Another quote: So we’ve got a regular mechanism whereby we deal with FDIC-insured banks. We don’t have that same capacity with an institution like AIG, and that’s part of the reason why it has proved so problematic. I think a lot of people understandably say: Well, if we’re putting all this money in there, and if it’s such a big systemic risk to allow AIG to liquidate, why is it that we can’t restructure some of these contracts? Why can’t we do some of the things that need to be done in a more orderly way? And the reason is -- is because we have not obtained this authority. My brain was screaming Socialism and it slammed home with We don’t have that power right now.
So now the cynical side of me has come to the conclusion that AIG was the pawn for a complete federal take over by the government in corporate America. It scares me, and makes me fear for the future of this country.

I think I counted about 5 times where our president spoke ill of the last president we had. Never in all of my life do I recall such childishness in the leader of our country. Ronald Reagan did not slam Jimmy Carter once he took office. Bill Clinton did not talk crap about Ronny or Papa Bush when he got in office. I do not believe any president has ever blasted the previous president.
One of our President's biggest gripes is the deficit he has been left with and he complained about again during his press conference. Now this really baffles me. President Obama has already spent over the Bush deficit in 60 days and is on pace to spend 10 times more then Bush did with the 911 disaster, 2 wars and Katrina...

I am confused.

Writer's Block: If Animals Could Talk
dorian ~ hypnotize
If you could ask your pet any question (and they could answer you), what would it be?

He usually tells me to shut up whenever I start speaking to him..

(no subject)
dorian ~ flag
Just in case someone missed Rush's CPAC speech last night.

One of my favorite parts of his speech:

Let me tell you who we conservatives are:
We love people. When we look out over the United States of America, when we are anywhere, when we see a group of people, such as this or anywhere, we see Americans. We see human beings. We don't see groups. We don't see victims. We don't see people we want to exploit. What we see -- what we see is potential. We do not look out across the country and see the average American, the person that makes this country work. We do not see that person with contempt. We don't think that person doesn't have what it takes. We believe that person can be the best he or she wants to be if certain things are just removed from their path like onerous taxes, regulations and too much government.
We want every American to be the best he or she chooses to be. We recognize that we are all individuals. We love and revere our founding documents, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. We believe that the preamble to the Constitution contains an inarguable truth that we are all endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights, among them Life, Liberty, Freedom. And the pursuit of happiness.
[Applause] Those of you watching at home may wonder why this is being applauded. We conservatives think all three are under assault.

Writer's Block: AKA
dorian ~ redass
What's the story behind your username?

Easy one:

(no subject)
dorian ~ flag
Seeing as my TV is busted and I am listening to the news whenever I am home, because I can not handle silence. Last night something accrued to me...
Ronnie, he came into office with double digit inflation, double digit interest rate, the unemployment rate was a little higher then it is now, and we had the Iran Hostage Crisis going on.

I keep hearing how we are in uncharted waters, but we have waded through these waters before, and we came out of it with out dropping over a trillion dollars in an already overly high deficit.

I hear about what was inherited by the Bush administration, I do not think that is viable anymore. This administration has spent 787.2 Billion on a recovery package and now the new 410 Billion for the budget until October. That is a total of $1,197,200,000,000.00 in 2 weeks.

Please stop this insanity, and look back at what worked in the 80's!

I do not have kids, so I should not care. But I do care about the future generation thievery going on, especially when I keep hearing how careless the previous president was with the budget.

I did not understand the first bailout package it was one of the worse things W did, and we saw that didn't work, it made everything worse actually. Unemployment is still rising, the Dow is still dropping so... what works on the economy? Look to Reaganomics. It worked; it has been proven to work.
When my credit cards are maxed it is not recommended to get more credit cards and spend my way out of debt. It makes no sense.

Also, I am sick of hearing so many liberals telling anyone who has doubt about this administration to be patriotic and stand behind the president.
Uh... hello?? Where was the patriotism when Bush was in office? Either time? Why should those of us who do not agree with anything this administration has done stand silent and not voice our opinions? To my knowledge this is still a free speech country.
**that above statement is not directed at anyone here**

(no subject)
dorian ~ flag
Life is going...
Work is busy, so I really do not have time to think about writing about my life.
I joined a gym.

That is about all I can think of now... besides my baby Dorian being the most beautiful little boy in the entire world.


(no subject)
dorian ~ flag
What overall persuaded your vote in the presidential election?

Watching the news and seeing how only one party was portrayed in a negative way helped me make my mind up. Comparing the candidates experience made my choice easier too. Finally, John McCain had a better overall plan to straightening out the economy.

Should Social Security be offered by non-governmental entities?

May be better run if our government was not involved

What is the best way to improve the state of our economy?

Reduce wasteful spending, tax cuts for businesses of all sizes who are hiring American workers.

Should the assault weapons ban be reinstated?

I do not see where a machine gun would be beneficial to anyone. So, yea

Should the Federal Government lift restrictions on offshore oil drilling?

Yes, we have the oil here; we should have access to it.

Are you registered to vote?

Yes, I am

Is your voter registration up to date?

Yes, it is.

What is your party affiliation?


Who are you going to be voting for?

I voted for McCain


Because I thought he was a better candidate then Obama.

Are you usually outspoken about your political views?

Yes… I can not help it.

Do you share the same political views as your parents?

Sort of.

Do you watch the political debates?


What do you think about the possibility of a woman as vice-president?

I try to look at what the person stands for, and their political background.

What do you think about the possibility of our 1st black president?

I try to look at what the person stands for, and their political background.

Does sex and race actually make a difference in who you vote for?


Does religion play a role in who you vote for?

Not at all.

Did you vote in the last presidential elections?


If so, who did you vote for?


What do you think REALLY happened on 9/11?
I believe it was the worst terrorist attack in the USA. It sickens me when I see or hear how it was an inside job by Bush.

Does the government really control the media?

No, the media controls the government.

Do/did you support Bush’s original request to use military force against Iraq?

Yes, Saddam was a sadistic man who made Hitler look mild.

Do you support a deadline for withdrawal in Iraq?

No. There should not be a dead line.

When should we pull our troops out of Iraq?

When the country is safe and the war is over.

Do you favor or oppose the idea of universal healthcare?

Oppose, I believe it would harm the country more then it would help it. Companies who now offer medical insurance may not if the government steps in. Then job loses would rise when we have only one giant entity running things. The care you get at the hospital could decrease because the government would be in charge of paying the bill… for everyone. Would some ass in a office decide who is really sick, or how bad they need an operation? I really do not want to find out.

I thought McCain’s plan of allotting money to everyone so they can get there own insurance was a much better plan. Insurance jobs would open, and EVERYONE would be IN CONTROL of their own lives.

How do you feel about abortion?

I do not judge anyone for having an abortion. With that I will say how confusing it is too me that most liberals support wild life, dolphin rights, whale rights, polar bear rights, any living things right to life; except humans.

How do you feel about homosexual marriages?

Marriage does not mean a whole hell of a lot to me, however I understand there are people who feel strongly about the “meaning” of the word marriage: marriage noun: a legally accepted relationship between a woman and a man in which they live as husband and wife

Now, before I go and offend anyone who believes differently… I do believe a gay couple should be allowed the benefits of a straight couple, I just think the word marriage is not the thing to fight over.

How do you feel about taxation?

I am not fond of it, which is why I voted Republican.

How do you feel about foreign policy?

It is extremely important, another reason I voted Republican. I think all the kowtowing to the extremists in the Mideast is damaging to the safety of the USA.

How do you feel about the Electoral College?

I understand its purpose, I am not always happy about it, but I understand.

How do you feel about social security?

If it is in my future, I will be amazed.

How do you feel about health care?

I do not like the idea of the government running the health care at all.

How do you feel about welfare?

It seems everyone I have ever known who needs welfare or food stamps have gotten turned down. Then on the flip side I have known drug addict bitches who have sold their food stamps for drugs while their babies go hungry. Go figure.

How do you feel about the separation of church and state.

I agree with it.

How do you feel about the second amendment?

I am not that crazy about guns, however if I felt like I was in danger or my family was in danger it is my right to purchase a gun with excessive background checking of course.

How do you feel about nuclear weapons?

They scare me.

How do you feel about NASA and the space program?

The best thing JFK did.

How do you feel about gas prices?

They could be worse as I found out, but they are now going up again and that is not cool.

How do you feel about pollution/climate change?

They are 2 different things.

I am all for clean air solutions for cars and such, just because it is healthier for life. I am not buying the global warming hype. The Earth has had a few major climate changes in the past if I recall correctly. And on a personal note, the North East of the USA is getting colder, not warmer.

How do you feel about teacher pay?

The average teacher makes between 40 and 50 grand a year, which is above the American average income. So should they really be bitching about the pay when they make more then the average person out there? I know they have a high responsibility, but so do Fire Fighters and cops, and they make the same.

How do you feel about the monetary and governmental support of public schools?

I think the United States Education system sucks, but the whole idea about public schools is them being funded by the government and our tax dollars.

How do you feel about college?

I believe in higher education

How do you feel about lowering the drinking age for MILITARY service men and women to 18?

If you are going to lower the drinking age for one set of people, you have to lower it for all.

How do you feel about lowering the drinking age for EVERYONE to 18?

I lived, so will they.

How do you feel about legalizing marijuana?

I am one of those who see no difference between weed and booze.

How do you feel about the condition of our roads and infrastructure?

I live in CT, home of terrible roadways for years.

They have not learned.

Should the government regulate the stock market, housing industry, ect?

The government has caused enough problems with the housing market…

Do you feel that we should have elections more or less often?

4 years is long enough.

What do you think the age to vote should be?

18 is good

Do you agree with our support to Israel?

I am not sure the US is still in support of Israel; I know Bush was, but I am not sure of Obama’s stand on Israel.

Do you think that we should form a Democratic League of Nations?

No, we need a republican league of nations :p

How do you feel about Illegal Immigrants?

The key word is illegal. Get OUT.

Should Illegal Immigrants get welfare?


Should Illegal Immigrants be allowed to get a driver's license?


Are you over 18?


How many years have you voted?

A lot, I voted for Bush, Bush, Dole, Bush, Bush and McCain.

Are you over 21?


What is your registered political party?

I am a registered Republican

What are your families?

Most of them are Republican also

What year did you register to vote?

Umm, the year I turned 18 or shortly there after.

What did you register as?

I have always been a registered Republican

Would you vote for someone that was of a different political party?

I have. I try to vote on the person not just the party.

Did you vote in the 2000 election?


Who did you vote for?


Did you vote in the 2004 election?


Who did you vote for?


Would your opinions ever change?

I do not know. They may.

Have they changed?

In certain areas yes, they have.

Are they different than your parents?

In some areas, but the party is the same.

dorian ~ flag
Checked my Gmail and I am always happy to get an email from my good friend John. For those who may be interested but not on the McCain mailing list:

Dear connie,

Yesterday, the Senate began debate on an economic stimulus package that is intended to get our economy back on track and help Americans who are suffering through these difficult times. Unfortunately, the proposal on the table is big on the giveaways for the special interests and corporate high rollers, yet short on help for ordinary working Americans. I cannot and do not support the package on the table from the Democrats and the Obama Administration. Our country does not need just another spending bill, particularly not one that will load future generations with the burden of massive debt. We need a short term stimulus bill that will directly help people, create jobs, and provide a jolt to our economy.

I believe we need to evaluate every bit of spending in this stimulus proposal with one important criteria - does it really stimulate the economy and help create jobs - if the answer is no, it does not belong in a so-called stimulus package. Furthermore, the stimulus must include significant direct relief to American workers in the form of payroll tax cuts and programs to help homeowners keep their homes. Finally, we need an end game to this stimulus so that when our economy recovers, these spending programs do not remain permanent and saddle our children with a skyrocketing national debt.

I appreciate the discussions President Obama is having with my Republican colleagues, but the time for talking has come to an end and we must now begin some serious negotiation. But as of yet, Republicans have not been given the opportunity to be involved. The House of Representatives passed a stimulus bill without a single Republican supporting it. In the Senate, the Democrat leadership is trying to jam the existing proposal through regardless of reservations from a number of members. With so much at stake, the last thing we need is partisanship driving our attempts to turn the economy around.

I have long been a fighter against wasteful spending in Washington and long an advocate for a balanced budget -- that will never change. I realize we face extraordinary challenges with our economy today, but that is not an excuse for more irresponsibly from Washington. I hope you will join me in saying no to this stimulus package as it currently exists by signing this petition.


John McCain
Chair, Country First PAC


Qustioning the Tax Evader
dorian ~ flag
Hypocrisies to ponder today.

Joe the plumber Vs Tim Geithner

Joe the plumber, an average American dad who had a tax lien for $1200 dollars. He was an obvious supporter of John McCain. Poor dude got attacked from the Tax evasion to being a poor father.

Tim Geithner Obama's choice for Secretary of Treasury has neglected to pay over 30,000. in back taxes. Obama's response:this is a “common mistake”.

So my way of thinking... why was it so wrong for the average American to owe back taxes but a "common mistake" for a member of "Team Obama" to owe taxes?

(no subject)
dorian ~ flag
Why was bush slammed in 2005 because his inauguration cost 44 million, but I really have not heard too much on the outrageous 170 Million cost of this years?

My what a fucked up country we live in. People are losing jobs, their pays frozen, they are struggling to live... Yet this NEW and IMPROVED dude running the country has no issues making those struggling people pay this fucked up amount of money for his welcoming party.

But the sense from those here who have glazed over eyes like they smoked the most amazing weed ever, is it is soooooo worth it. George was an ass, Barak is amazing.

I am totally beside myself with the double standards that what was once such an act of pure evilness is now the party of a lifetime because we now have a rock star as a president instead of an old stupid man.

(no subject)
dorian ~ flag
*waves goodbye to America*

confusion of a bird brain.
dorian ~ flag
What makes something "GREAT"?
I always thought it was "ACTIONS".

I am finding out daily that in this country "ACTIONS" really do not mean anything.

What has Obama done as a president to be compared to those who EARNED their titles as GREAT president? He is the first black (possible) US Citizen to be elected.

I do not judge people.
I do not look at skin color and form an opinion on a person.
I do not hear an accent and think I am better.
I do not care what or who someone prays to.

But somehow I am led to feel like a racist redneck asshole because I am not all giddy with excitement because HE is beginning his Presidency Tuesday.
My question on this, IF I were reacting in a way i would never act when someone who has not proven shit to me is taken the reigns of this country just because he was black would I not be a racist? My reactions would simply be on the color of ones skin and not on them as a human.

(no subject)
dorian ~ flag
Annie posted a picture of a hawk and it resembled a picture I took this past summer.

This guy was right smack in front of my house...

seriously.. that is my house ;)

I am bored
dorian ~ flag
My sister just sent me an email stating this is my new clock... I hope you will refer to it as much as I do.



(no subject)
dorian ~ flag
I can not get away from it.. even when I am trying to stay away.

I call Italy and the dude has a real awesome accent and I tell him when he is getting his part 03:00 his time and he starts asking me where in the States I am.. blah blah blah.. and then I hear "are you excited about Obama"


So I say: I hope he does a good job.

I hear an Italian dude laugh in my ear and say "Obviously you are not one of the ones excited about your countries choice"

I really did not want to get into it with him.. so I said something like both parties had faults and strengths blah blah blah...

So he said you didn't fall for it.. and laughs and then starts chanting "yes we can" in my ear and laughs saying at least he came up with a cute little catch phrase.

And then we talk about the order I called him on.. and as I am saying have a nice nap before his part gets to him.. he says "Connie, I would not have voted for him either"

(no subject)
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In 2004 it was barely a win with 51 % of the country voting for the President Elect.

In 2008 it is "a landslide win" with 52% of the country voting for the President Elect.

I am sorry, but this is a picture of the last "landslide win" in the USA.

(no subject)
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I just do not know anymore.
My mother always taught me that your associates reflect who you are as a person. She said that what you do in life will always be with you.
She was wrong.

I live in a country where a true American hero lost to a man who refused to wear the American flag on his lapel, refused to put his hand on his heart during the countries national anthem at a time of war... A man who bled for this country lost to a man who bought, stole and cheated his way to victory.

I just do not understand. I will never understand.

Thank you John McCain, you were the only man capable of running this country... sadly this country is filled with blindness and ignorance. It is a country that can not look beyond a political label to see who was right for the job. A country that will look past anything negative directed at their precious Democratic name. A country who refuses to look at the past to get to a brighter future.

Time for a change?
Great Depression part II, Socialism 101??

I want to leave this fucking blue state I live in, this blue country that I feel is doomed.

I just can not get over the fact that so much about that man was overlooked. I can't. Terrorists? Radicals? Fraud? oh my. It suddenly does not matter. It is wrong to bring them up. People had no right to question them, when they did, they were called racist.

Yes, time for a change.

If I never hear the word change again it will be too soon.

I am sitting here wondering if I should post this, I wonder if I am too critical or if I am not critical enough. Will this push people away? Will I care if it does?

I know that last statement was harsh.. but seriously I have to wonder what we have in common when we are so far apart with what matters to my soul.

I have lost what little faith I had.

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Conversation with someone I love deeply.

Her: I do not understand why so many people hate Barak, he is a father of 2 and a husband.
Me: Could be because of the people he associated with.
Her: Oh, because he hung out with a terrorist when he was 8.
Me: uh.. No, but possibly because he launched his political career from William Ayers house. Or maybe because Barak attended the church of an Anti-American, Anti-White radical. A man who has been taped saying, if they are white, kill them, it does not matter if they did anything or not... kill them.
Her: That does not make him a bad person.
Me: To sit in a church with the reverend who spews hate? for 20 years?
Her: I can't talk to you.. you are one of them.
She walked away.

I am left thinking one of who? I was just relaying why people would call him evil, anti-american or say they hate him.
I was raised by a woman who told me 'you will be judged by the company you keep' it made sense to me as I became an adult. I do not go to church, but if I did I would not go to one where the reverend hated ANYONE or said to harm ANYONE. Would I not be as bad as a member of the KKK if I attended their meetings for 20 years? And if I said I did not know what was going on, would you believe me?

Tito the Builder
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I love these average people getting the spot light.. to me, it is more appealing then seeing stuffy stiff politicians.
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Political view point from a right wing bird...

I am sick to death of hearing the lefters saying those voting for McCain are doing so because they are racists. I am sick of reading and hearing democrat politicians saying McCain is a racist.

Lets see.. McCain questions Obaba on his relationship with Ayers, an American terrorist. Oh.. this makes McCain and Palin racists. McCain raises the question about Oblahblah ties with Acorn, you may have read about them? The origination that is responsible for voter registration fraud in 13 states so for. McCain's questions make him a racist who does not want every American's voice to be heard. Yea, ok.

And this fucking Race thing is ONLY being brought up by those who ARE supporting Barak. It is fucking fucked up to no end that people are led to feel guilty for making a choice.

If McCain was associated with a terrorist the left wing media would have a field day.
If McCain gave 800 thousand dollars to an orginazation that bribed people to register 75 times he would be arrested.

It is bull shit.. and now seeing Biden *who I once respected* say the polls are going to drop because of Race, because America is "afraid" of an African American!!!


I am voting for McCain because I can look into his past, the good and the bad. I am voting for McCain because he is an American Hero. I am NOT voting for John McCain because Obama is black. I could care less. But it is sad and that I can NOT say who I am voting for with out having a fear of being called disgusting names and being judged on something far from the truth.

A Picture of Dorian Gray: By Oscar Wilde
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The studio was filled with the rich odor of roses, and when the light summer wind stirred amidst the trees of the garden there came through the open door the heavy scent of the lilac, or the more delicate perfume of the pink-flowering thorn.
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In Flight
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I was surfing the web and saw this..

So beautiful...

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Happy Birthday G

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The more I learn about Fannie/Freddie the sicker I get.
I will say I have NEVER voted for Christopher DuDD!! However I HAVE voted for Joe Lieberman.
I will make it my point to not let Connecticut ever forget.
I am sending a letter to someone in my state. I think charges should be brought upon Dodd or at least losing his job REPRESENTING my state!!!

Mother Fucker!!!!

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Hello Everyone.

Everything in my life is going.. work is work.. Dorian is beautiful AS ALWAYS.. and I have lost my brain in politics. I have forgotten about the playoffs a couple times because of watching the news o_O

I am sure I am driving some of you nuts, good point?? Only one month left. I can not say I will keep my thoughts to myself or my opinions. But what I am saying is I love each and everyone of you.

In case you are wondering.. even if your not I am saying anyway ;P
My number one issue on this election is all me. My safety, my money, my job, memememememe.

On my Safety.. it falls to Foreign Affairs:
I do agree with McCain/Palin that a public stated exit date out of Iraq is raising the "White Flag". To my little mind it makes more sense to help Iraq so they can help us. We need to have help with this freedom quest both parties are telling us HAS to happen, and who better to help us then the "people" of that region.
What I found out during both debates so far is this country will be involved in wars/peace talks with the pretty much all of Asia.
Let me think about this for a mere second, who do I trust?? hmm..
McCain he is a war hero who devoted his life for the love of his country.
Obama?? I don't know. What I have learned is he can not get over the "reason" behind the war in Iraq.. The reasons do not matter to the next president. The only thing that should matter is a safe completion.
I trust John.

On my money/job..
The Economy.. woo hoo!!
Lets see.
I will start with Obama's plan to raise taxes on "only those making $200,000 +"
Well, it sounds familiar to me. It sounds like a 'promise' that was made by Bill Clinton, and if my old feeble memory serves me correctly, taxes were raised within the first year even... So I have a very hard time believing in someone who keeps saying I am ONLY raising taxes on the rich or those who could afford it. Will me and my above "poverty level" paycheck start getting taxed even more?? I do not believe it wont. But that is beside the fact... really.
How do we really help the people (ME and those I love) really prosper?
Give them the jobs, the opportunity, the ability.
Taxing those who gross over 200,000 sounds good. However this is hitting companies, small and large.. and in my brain, I am thinking "where do they compensate" price of product. Therefore effecting everybody.
Again, I see a lot of finger pointing in the Obama side, not just saying.. we need to learn and move on as a stronger country. Together in unity. Nope.. lets point the finger and blame this on the Bush Administration and continue to call John McCain more of the same.
On solving this issue with "wall street" Fannie/Freddie was allowed to mind fuck poor families in this country. And what do we do? Except a donation of $126,349 for the chance to be president.

On the other hand.
McCain wants to rid corruption OUT of Wall Street and Washington. He was part of an act who warned about Fannie/Freddie in 2005/6. He is KNOWN for working well "outside" of his "party" lines.. what ever is best for this country. McCain was the last person the "ultra conservatives" wanted to be running for president, because he sided on the liberal side too many times for them. bipartisan, what a concept. And his running mate, she HAS rid corruption out of the Alaskan Government. No Tax increases. NONE. Everyone is equal. To me equality is something this country is in great need of. Not equality "for only"... Equality. And lets think about this, if you are making 200,000. + you are already paying more taxes then those who do not. I know even for my own crappy little job, if I work a hit load of hors I get thrown in a higher tax bracket and get slammed. I do not make 200,000.. lol, maybe a little more then a sixth of it and my little paycheck has over $100 in taxes come out every week.

I am going to stop there for tonight, there are other issues.. but this took me all night to type up.

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I love this woman. I'd do her...

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this is scary shit. and this is the stuff you will not read about or see on the news..

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I live in a fucked up state...

from FOX news:

Inside Job

Connecticut Democrats are circulating a resolution to censure Senator Joe Lieberman because he supports Republican John McCain. The state party's central committee will send copies of the resolution to every Democratic town committee in the state. Although the resolution will not be considered until after election day, it will ask Lieberman to quit the Democratic Party.

Audrey Blondin, one of two committee members sponsoring the resolution said, "Our point is not that Joe should in some way be prohibited from supporting McCain or speaking at the National Republican Convention. The issue is, he's a Democrat. And Joe, in our opinion, needs to reconsider membership in our party."

Lieberman caucuses with Senate Democrats, although he ran as an Independent in 2006 after Democrats refused to renominate him.

Hello??? Freedom of speech!!

I have always liked Joe, and the only time I have ever voted against him was when he was Kerry's running mate.

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RIP Paul Newman

I remember this one day a long time ago my mom came home from work on cloud nine. She told the story of her day as a waitress. It was the end of her shift and this big crowd of people came in she really was not happy about it because she wanted to leave on time.. but she walked over and sat in the empty seat and started taking everyones order.. she started with te person on her right and went around the table and ended with the person on her left... she saw a beautiful woman, and thought to herself, wow that looks like Joanne Woodward... she continued taking orders and looked up to the guy she plopped down next to and in my mom's words, I was looking into those beautiful baby blues...
She never once said anything to him about his celebrity, but he knew that she knew who he was.


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Do I dare post my views on the debate?

I am just not sure..

My mind is made up, I was only 75% sure before.

I am going to take a few pieces of "yahoos front page"

"It's hard to reach across the aisle from that far to the left," McCain said of Obama. On Iraq, Afghanistan and other issues, Obama mentioned "Senator McCain and President Bush" in one breath.

anyone watching the same debate I was would see the smile on McCain's face.. and see he was obviously throwing a joke...
Also, McCain bashed the Dubbya administration many many times.
Mentioning Bush and McCain in the same sentence numerous times did not help Obama in my eyes... McCain is NOT Bush. Please find new material.

McCain poked fun at his age; he'd be the oldest first-term elected president. He said the financial crisis was the greatest in "our time" — and added: "I've been around a little while." At another point, after Obama repeated a comment: "Were you afraid I couldn't hear you?"

The moderator asked Obama to address his question to McCain directly.. McCain smiled and said "What do you think I didn't hear him". Journalists mis-quote number 5000 this campaign.

I watched the debate on Fox, and then spent the next hour or so flipping from Fox, to MSNBC and CNN. It is insane,, I have not really watched either station since Katrina because they were far too biased... but curiosity killed the cat.

The crap they are spinning is insane. There is no one saying McCain had any good points, though Barrak himself said "I agree with John" about 8 times. Calling McCain a grumpy old man is what someone called him. They take the "snippets" completely out of context. MSNBC even takes the snippet of McCain saying "I never want to see another prisoner of war tortured again" and spin that into an attack on McCain. "HE knows America has tortured prisoners, and in his senile state he let it slip" and then elaborate on what they do not know.. "it was in the Bush administration, it has to be" followed by a direct hit on his age "It could of been Roosevelt's HaHaHa"

I am watching the debate again.. I do not know where the biased media is getting there facts.. I doubt I will see it.

I am not saying what I saw from McCain was perfect, but what I saw from Barrak was not either.

No where on MSNBC did I see anything negative about Barrak, yet Senator McCain got completely attacked.

On the other hand, while watching the aftershows on Fox I see pro Barrak, and Pro McCain, I see anti-Barrak and Anti-McCain it is equal. A Left winger and a right winger on at the same time.. the way it should be.

my brain hurts..

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I have a question for the Obama supporters out here.

Well let me start with the topic of conversation at my job, however I could not say anything, because I really do not like speaking politics with people.

Anyway, they were laughing at McCain and calling him a fool for wanting to put the debate on hold and asking Obama to do so too. Saying Obama was just focused on winning the election.

Well... my brain just kinda froze with the question what is wrong with working WITH the other candidate to try to save this country?? Why does it all have to be about the race? Why does it have to be such a stupid idea because the "other party" thought of it? If it were Obama who suggested this would it be a wonderful idea?

I personally would love to see the 2 people running for office to run this country put aside the mudslinging to come up with a way to maybe save this country before we head ass first into another depression.

But I really want to know what you all think...

i miss you mom
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I have been just listening to Louis Armstrong, just remembering my mom singing as she did housework, or whatever... I can not hear it without think of you mom.

I love you.

for mickey borino 3/3/22 to 9/15/92

I see trees of green, red roses too
I see em bloom, for me and for you
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.

I see skies of blue, clouds of white
Bright blessed days, dark sacred nights
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.

The colors of a rainbow, so pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces of people going by
I see friends shaking hands, sayin how do you do
Theyre really sayin, i love you.

I hear babies cryin, I watch them grow
Theyll learn much more than Ill never know
And I think to myself what a wonderful world

Yes, I think to myself what a wonderful world

Block Island, Rhode Island
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If any of you ever get a chance to go to block island... take it.
It is simply gorgeous.

I am voiceless for the 4th day, but I did go to work today, I do not want to waste all my time off just yet.. maybe I will take a day or 2 next week if I do not have my voice back or I will actually go to the doctors. o_O