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I had a dream the other night... I was staying at Richard's (escaping the heat) and I dreamt that I was washing my hands in the sink and a giant bug was crawling near my hand. People kept telling me that it was friendly... Richard's sister-in-law Debbie said, "It's our new pet! Don't you love him?" And I was finally warming up to the idea of the bug and becoming less afraid and then the bug jumped onto my hand and I, in real life, twitched my hand away and gasped in horror. Then I woke up and realized that Hershey's tail was swishing back and forth on the pillow near my hand and I went to sleep again, feeling safe in the knowledge that no such bug exists, nor does Debbie own one as a pet.


Today, I was about to browse YouTube for old clips from my favourite 90s sitcoms (remember TGIF on Fox?) and I found this video:

This is the bug from my dream. Almost. Except that the bug in my dream had big black beady eyes and hedgehog spikes around his neck.

PS: I made bean dip today that could kick your mother's ass.