ugly bag of mostly water (__bin) wrote,
ugly bag of mostly water

LJ goes corporate.

Okay, LJ. I put up with all of the stupid-ass ads everywhere on your site. But now you're starting to piss me off.

It started with that pop-up ad for Alexander Keiths. It always popped up just as I was clicking on the "log in" button and I would accidentally click on it and end up at the Alexander Keiths Facebook Fan Page. Not cool!

Now, you keep giving me a black screen with an ad in the middle. "After this advertisement, you will be returned to your Livejournal experience." I can't click around it. I have to wait for it to load. Grr.

And now Vaseline has been the sponsor of the last 2 writers blocks. I feel like I'm a secretary in a test group in Mad Men, being asked to talk to Doctor Faye about my skin care routine. No thank you.

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