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Now I've seen two owls this winter! I saw a Snowy Owl in January. Then, yesterday, I saw a barred owl! Richard found him for me, really. I wouldn't have had the patience to look around and find him myself.

Barred Owl at Presqu'ille Park, Ontario.

I'm fucking tired. Last night we ate at Au Pied de Couchon, a really famous and well respected Montreal restaurant, but the only seating we could get a reservation for was 10pm. We didn't finish eating until after 11pm. That's probably too late to eat such rich food. But it was amazing!

We spent the day today shopping. I bought a new pair of dark wash straight leg jeans and a really pretty sundress that's super long. It pretty much goes to my feet. Does that make it a sungown? I don't know what it's called, but it's nice. I can't wait for warmer weather.

Tonight we had tapas at a place around the corner from our B&B. In a couple of minutes we'll head out to Dieu du Ciel to meet a friend. We'll try to make it 'til midnight tonight, but I'm already crashing. All of this eating and shopping really takes a lot out of me!

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