wuht duz evri1 haff uhgenst gai ppl? gai ppl r wundirfol!11 Y r ppl su egnurint und teehnk taht gai ppl r guyeng 2 hal, ur taht gainizz ez uh dezeez? etz nut, und u shuld lit pplz luff hoeevir tehy wunt 2 luff (bot tehy kunt haff sekz weht uhnemalz r ehnetehng lyk taht)

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helu evri1 - hoe wuz evri1z wiik? myn wuz uhk. Teh prum ez en lyk 3 munthz, und jozt lyk lazt yeer, ey dunt haff uh dayt. Ey myt jozt gu stug - -u noe, wehtowt uh dayt. Mowzt uf mi frendz dunt haff daytz eethir, su wi kin b eech uthirz daytz :) hoe meni r u r guyeng 2 prum?//

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Barbie and Ken 'Split'
Feb 12, 1:04 PM EST

Associated Press

Just like J.Lo and Ben, the romance is over for Barbie and Ken.

After 43 years as one of the world's prettiest pairs, the perfect plastic couple is breaking up. The couple's "business manager," Russell Arons, vice president of marketing at Mattel, said that Barbie and Ken "feel it's time to spend some quality time — apart."

"Like other celebrity couples, their Hollywood romance has come to an end," said Arons, who quickly added that the duo "will remain friends."

Arons denied that there was any truth to rumors that the breakup was linked to the Cali (as in California) Girl Barbie, arriving in stores now.

To better reflect her single status, Cali Barbie will wear board shorts and a bikini top, metal hoop earrings, and have a deeper tan.

This new style already has attracted a new admirer, Blaine the Australian boogie boarder.

Barbie — the most popular fashion doll in the world, according to toy maker Mattel — met Ken on the set of a TV commercial in 1961, and they have been inseparable ever since.

Arons hinted Wednesday that the separation may be partially because of Ken's reluctance to get married. All those bridal Barbie dolls in toy chests around the globe are really just examples of Barbie's wishful thinking, she explained.

Another possible factor is Barbie's career. The doll who was "born" Barbie Millicent Roberts in 1959 has been everything from a rock star to a military medic, and she's currently marketed in more than 150 countries. According to Mattel, every second, three Barbie dolls are sold somewhere in the world.

So where does that leave Ken? Said Arons: "He will head for other waves."


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bArryjiVe316: you have to take him back... a love like ours could never last besides its too hard for a rock star to be monogomist
BettyAnnPetz: r...r.....r..
BettyAnnPetz: r u dompeng mi..
bArryjiVe316: i have to walk of into the sunset with my guitar strapped on my back
BettyAnnPetz: umg
BettyAnnPetz: u dompd mi
BettyAnnPetz: :'(
bArryjiVe316: don't cry for me i'm a lost cause
BettyAnnPetz: WAL U NOE WUHT
bArryjiVe316: i'm sorry
BettyAnnPetz: ey yam uhborteeng bayb bettyann
bArryjiVe316: your aborting our unborn unconcieved child?!?1?!?!/
BettyAnnPetz: yez
bArryjiVe316: cant you just raise her with the jew?
BettyAnnPetz: nu
BettyAnnPetz: ur bayb wel nevir c teh lyt uf dai
BettyAnnPetz: uli teh lyt uf teh flashllyt @ teh ind uf teh rud tehy yooz 2 stub teh bayb
bArryjiVe316: fine! i have thousands of other would be mothers just begging to bare AV's seed
BettyAnnPetz: NEVIR EVIR EVIR1!11!!!!1111111
bArryjiVe316: not true AV is the love
BettyAnnPetz: u hayt mi
bArryjiVe316: do not i dont hate anyone
BettyAnnPetz: fyn.
BettyAnnPetz: etz uvir. 4 evir.

ey tehnk ey yam guying 2 keel mysalf...
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BettyAnnPetz: wel u b mi entranit boifrend
bArryjiVe316: sure why not



'This Barbie comes with her own pretty kitty, a long-haired white cat named Marshmallow FLUFFERZ. The well-equipped cat comes with her own dish, food cans, water bottle, comb and brush, and pink plastic carrier. The lid and door snap off the carrier to create Marshmallow's FLUFFERZ litter box; three packages of colored "kitty litter" sand, a paper box of pretend kitty litter, and a plastic scoop that fits in Barbie's hand are also supplied. The feline can be fed with a working water bottle, and then sit on the sand in her litter box to do her thing (with a little squeeze to help the water come out). Then Barbie can use her scoop to clean the box before giving Marshmallow FLUFFERZ a pat on the head for a job well done. For playtime, Barbie holds a little mouse toy on a string, while a lever in her back can be used to move her arm back and forth. The blue-eyed doll has waist-length and layered blond hair, and is dressed in cotton print pants and a pink kitty-logo shirt. --Marcie Bovetz '</i></i>

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luk @ hoe baybi jezuz haz groen

2dai ey wint 2 teh guynikolojizt, und hi gayv mi uh tehng 2 pravint vuhrgania kansir. Wehn hi wuz teecheng mi hoe 2 yooz et, bretni sparz nuu sung "tuch uf ur hund" wuz plaeng und tehn teeh cuntraptyin sturted 2 muuv ensyd uf mi und ey piid mysalf. o o und teh duktir joozt lafft und sint mi un mi wai.

2dai dereeng chiirledir praktis dasirae wuz lyk soch uh betch und tuld mi mi speltz wir tarabel. Wel ey tuld EVRIBUDI taht shi stoffd hir bru und wi al laffd und laffd ut hir UND NOE EY YAM KAPTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111

Flufferz laft mi uh prezint un mi kaibeard.