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LoVe mE fOr mE

3 October
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20 yrs old. 5'2". italian. in love. dork. best friend. aunt. daughter.
girlfriend. lover. smoker. outgoing. loveable. crazy.
i support our troops & so should you. not like anyone you'll ever meet.
dreamer. beach lover.coffee addict. good charlotte fan. cuddle dork.
music fanatic. fun. loving. caring. friendly. trustworthy. cam whore.
mallrat. shoe freak. shopper. tinkerbell fan .. im just me.

Loves ~ my bests, my neice zoe, my family, cookie dough ice cream, coldstone, cuddling, being around good people, tinkerbell, being tan, french vanilla coffee, girl talks, making memories, stars, getting my nails done, concerts, good charlotte.

Dislikes ~ being cold, being sick, feeling lonely, dry hands, mean guests,
shitty tips, when i dont have a lighter, drug addicts, liars, losing people,

Misses ~ the way things used to be, when boys had cooties, my father,
my grandfather, not having alot of bills, </3>

Good Charlotte are love.

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