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I'm like barbwire.

everything I touch bleeds.

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sixteen. in Alabama. a junior. a bitch. a virgin. a sibling. a poet. a straight-A student. red headed. blue eyed. fair skinned. 5'6. empty. sarcastic. insane. loyal. stupid. confused. lucky. free. unstable. independent. addicted. obsessed. overrated. misunderstood. unaware. forgetful. heartless. hurt.
my own, no one else's. doesn't take orders well. doesn't like close-minded freaks. will fuck you up. is friends only, comment if you want to be included.
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accents, actors, actresses, adam brody, aerosmith, alabama, alexis bledel, alice in wonderland, amy acker, angel, animals, ashely olsen, asian food, bend it like beckham, bethany joy, boho, books, boys, bridget jones, carousels, chad michael murray, charisma carpenter, charmed, chocolate, christmas cards, colin firth, complicity, concerts, cooking, cordy/angel, crying by myself, dancing, dogs, dreaming, emmy rossum, ethnic, ewan mcgregor, eyeliner, fanfiction, fashion, fireworks, flexibility, flowy skirts, flying, fortune cookies, full house, games, gilmore girls, glow sticks, guitars, gypsies, h2o, hair scarves, handbags, harry potter, hayden christensen, holly marie combs, horror movies, incense, indie, italian food, joaquin phoenix, johnny depp, jonathon rhys meyers, journalism, kate hudson, kelly clarkson, laughing, lava lamps, law, liberals, life, lipgloss, liplocking, lists, livejournal, loathing, long walks, lyrics, magazines, marilyn monroe, mary kate olsen, mini golf, misery, morning, movies, mp3 players, mr. tumnus, mulan, music, my name, mythology, naley, natalie portman, necklaces, novels, one tree hill, pain, peanut butter and jelly, peasant, peyton sawyer, phantom of the opera, photo booths, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, polaroids, pride and prejudice, pringles, purses, quotes, rachel mcadams, rain, reading, reese witherspoon, resistance, romance, scars, secrets, sex and the city, shopping, sitcoms, smiles, songwriting, sophia bush, star wars, stuffed animals, summer, sunglasses, sunsets, supernatural, susan kay, swimming, teasing, the chronicles of narnia, the oc, the phantom, the wb, thrift, traveling, turquoise, vintage, walk the line, worrying, writing