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rip my jeans, not my h e a r t. [entries|friends|calendar]

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11:39am April 10th]
were going to the hospital today because my grandpa is like dieing, and then were going to see our friend devin record the rest of his first cd. it will be sooo freaking fun!

love usSsSsSs
(taylor and britany)
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9:51pm April 9th]
im so pissed. me and jacob got into a fight.

but it might be over now.

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9:33pm April 9th]
tell me..
1] one thing you like about me:
2] one thing you dislike about me:
3] am i pretty/ugly?:
4] why do you like/dislike me?:

(copy and paste please<33)
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7:00pm April 9th]
we were dancing in the music isle in meijers and we were dancing to beyonce and then i was shaking my ass, and his guy came into the isle behind me.. and then britany's like, "stop." and started laughing! haha and then we just ran! it was so loud in the isle because of the music we were playing! we turned on all of the radios to 105.9!!! it was so fucking funny! now dustin is coming over and we'll be skateboarding and babysitting suzanna!

comment should be added!<33

you know whats sad...
last night i got hit in the boobs with a basketball, and now they hurt.. and are buised!

Forgotten38: last night i got hit in the boobs with a basketball, and now they hurt.. and are buised!
GoGoPowerRangerJ: OWWW
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10:27am April 9th]

new layout
my favorite people!Collapse )

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9:46pm April 8th]
me and brit went to devin and dustins house.. i was so scared my mom would come home, b/c we left my sister alone.. but then they walked us back.. and i got even MORE piggy back rides! from devin too.. hes one hot almost 16 year old lol.. on wednesday he has a concert with her band, its called can wait til tomarrow, i think. i kinda forgot.. but im like.. "are you becoming famous?" and hes like.. "...... yahhh...." it was funny.. they stayed at my house and now britany is drinking my old milk lol... well were gonna go have some fun now.. kk bye love you<333
call us.. 9321653

comment for meeee please!!!
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8:14pm April 8th]
i dissected the mofo.. it was GROSS.. birtany and dustin are over and were going to devins and dustins .. yah this is fun.. kk bye<3
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6:36am April 7th]
tomarrow, im dissecting a heart.
i think it will be fun, i hope i dont through up.
Okay after i do it, ill update and tell you what happend!
its going to be SCAREY! haha just playing.
but it will be gross, and we are going to have to take off
our gloves! and touch it! and hold it! and OPEN IT UP! haha<33

comment. kthnx<3
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caution: picture was taken two years ago. [Wednesday
8:34pm April 6th]


Guess whose on the left. take into consideration that you will guess and a few days later ill give up the answer.

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6:39pm April 6th]
ask me questions, im bored.<3
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3:40pm April 6th]

Please ReadCollapse )

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3:30pm April 6th]
me and tasha(bitch) got into a fight today, because she STOLE the guy i liked! and then blamed it on me! oh kay she was acting like everyone should feel bad for her, which made me so pissed off! no one should feel bad for her.. what she did was wrong.. and i told her how much i like him. and now a lot of people are mad at ME!!! why me! she stole my boyfriend! and sarah feels bad for her.. and sarah (is or was) my best friend! i mean come on! why should you feel bad for her.. she just got what she wanted! and then alex said i was "jealos" in his own writing... (dumb ass) its jealous*** and she said she had a right to like who ever she wants to like.. yeah i never said she couldn't.. i said .. HE WAS MINE! well i didn't but come on! she new how much i liked him. and then she did that to me.. man fuck her! i wont ever regret saying thing... shes a fucking stupid ass bitch, and i hate her right now. she acts all innocent.. RR she pissed me off. and then ignored me most the day, FUCK YOU TASHA.. go die.

i guess you can comment..
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7:50am April 6th]
last night was real fun, we stayed up to 1am. yah were cool lol. we had tons of fun laughing.. yah well we have to go to school.. ill be back around 4.. if you wanna call me.. go ahead.. 932-1653

even though she stole the guy i (kinda) liked..
but i still have jacob.. and hes getting over emily..
jacob.. maybe we can do something this weekend?
i love you with all my heart baby<333
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7:03pm April 5th]
tashas over, again lol. im so bored.. i want jacob. kk thats all i got to say.. this is gay.
im pissed.. and leave me alone

just playing
but im not happy:\

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8:00pm April 3rd]
spring break is over, and it sucks ass.. im going to cry! im just playing haha, please please please PLEASE.. comment and give some suggestions on livejournal user names, i dont want this one anymore.. its getting old!

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3:33pm April 3rd]
im thinking of making a new livejournal...
can you give me some ideas please?

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12:29am April 3rd]

pictures of jacob and martyCollapse )

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12:23am April 3rd]
me and tasha are bout to go up stairs.. yah i love jacob with all my heart.. and i want him to know that... he means so much to me.. im going to post some really funny pictures of him lol... hold on<33

9:17pm April 2nd]
wow.. dustin came over and me and tasha like really did my room cool! it was fun.. but i got glass broke over my head.. from the ceiling.:( it hurt lol but i just laughed.. and so did tasha. then we did fun stuff...(outside) yah it was FUN!! now me and tasha are partying!!!

leave some lovin here<333

2:09am April 2nd]
Forgotten38: your my lover
GoGoPowerRangerJ: your my luver
GoGoPowerRangerJ: im the guy
Forgotten38: and im the boss lol
Forgotten38: :-D
GoGoPowerRangerJ: no u ain't we =
Forgotten38: no no.. i have to be your lover so i get to be the boss!8-)
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