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rip my jeans, not my h e a r t. [entries|friends|calendar]

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8:33pm June 8th]
okay so im pretty happy about school ending. it will be so fun! this summer will be great and im hoping to get noticed for my voice by someone.. you know.. im trying to get into Interlocan School Of Arts, I don't know if thats how you spell it but, what ever? Jewel and Clay Aken or w/e grauduated from there and now look at them. If I can't get in there than I am going to go some where else. I love to sing and I've always wanted to do it. And I know some day I will sing. God told me, I'm not being weird or anything, I just know it. There are so many signs and I've asked a lot of phycic people..(i dont care how im spelling) and I've also asked my guides and they've all said that is what I'm going to do. And I'm going to make it happen. I can sing and I know it. And I love to do it. It's the best feeling when I'm singing, I can't explain the feeling, I just love it.
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6:58pm June 5th]
i made out with justin.
im talking to him right now on the phone.
and next weekend were going to the beach together.
i love him sooo much.
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4:08pm June 3rd]
xxx i love youxx: whats up?
DiabloKing1990: nuthing much how about u
xxx i love youxx: SAME!.. i think im sick
DiabloKing1990: eww fine then we cant make out now
xxx i love youxx: lol
xxx i love youxx: :-p
DiabloKing1990: nope put it away we cant make out
xxx i love youxx: hahah!
xxx i love youxx: ur silly!
xxx i love youxx: :-p:-p:-p:-p:-p:-p:-p:-p:-p:-p:-p:-p:-p:-p:-p
DiabloKing1990: no ur gonna get me sick
DiabloKing1990: o damnit i cant resist u lets get it on
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8:31pm May 31st]
lol.. im @ the library!


its so quiet!!
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8:04pm May 31st]
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9:45pm May 30th]
omfgosh! i got high :-0
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11:12am May 28th]
[ mood | blah ]

I ment this guy a few weeks ago, his name is Justin Lee Smith. I love him a lot. But then he went to a party, and I'm sure he got drunk, and there are girls there. He says he loves me, and I hope he does, he calls me every night. But, yesterday he didn't call me, he didn't even tell me he was going to a party.. and like everyone was camping... and the girls and guys were staying there... but they were doing stuff, and I know it. Even if he didn't want to, he was drunk.. maybe. I don't know, last night I started crying because I was afraid he was going to do something with another girl, were not *officially* together yet, but he's going to ask me out. Brittany was over last night, and we were watching scary movies. All I could think about was what he was doing, and I still am, and I'm wondering what he did last night. I'm scared. I hope he didn't do anything, and when I ask him, he better not lie to me, he swore he would never lie to me.

</3 i.love.justin

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12:42am May 28th]

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5:03pm May 20th]
make me happy :/
Im sad.

I don't know who I love anymore. :(
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4:49pm May 13th]
this is gay. i think im going to quit ljs!

</3 i love jake
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5:47pm May 11th]
...ghost were attacking me last night. it threw the phone at my head then it made me have nightmares with it in them.. one nightmare.. i was acually awake... and i was saying mom mom mom and the ghost yelled at me to stop saying mom.. then another nightmare, i went too my computer and could feel the ghost was at my computer too.. and he was holding the mouse, and i said to let go of the mouse because i wanted to get on the computer... and he yelled WELL THAT WOULD BE KIND OF HARD SINCE IM HOLDING ON TO IT! and in the first dream i could acually hear the ghost talking... b/c i was awaking.. and i was acually saying it

no one ever comments anymore!
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12:22pm May 10th]

12:11pm May 10th]
i wanna go swimming.
so im going to my bath tube!
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2:43pm April 17th]

new lookCollapse )
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8:24pm April 14th]
i know i update alot, but yeah do you think i should stop doing it so much. im just so adicited though! haha, well i have plans for this weekend and i am so freaking happy! ill get to see my baby! JACOB! yup yup! i want him.. things will go down lol. well were going to the y dance (ymca), on saturday. alright ill tell you about it later. mean while, fill out this

01. Tell me something about myself.

02. Tell me what song[s] remind you of me.

03. Next, Tell me who I remind you of, celebrity/animated or otherwise.

04. Last, try to name a single word that best describes me.

05. Put this in your journal
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6:13pm April 14th]
this post is my favorite one this year!
so you have to do it!

comment, and post pictures of YOURSELF!
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3:40pm April 14th]

if your my friend, do one of the following,

1] make me laugh.
2] post a comment
3] tell me something about your life
4] make me happy
5] tell me a secret
6] or tell me what you did today, or this weekend.

or do them all, but have fun please!<3
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7:26pm April 13th]
Saturday- i hung out with Britany, Dustin and Devon all day, as you've read.
Sunday- I was getting ready when my mom called and told me that my grandpa wasnt doing very well, and we were going to go see him at the hospital at 12. So me and Britany were getting ready then we went to meet Devin and Dustin by the railroad tracks. We went all the way to Devins girlfriends house following the railroad tracks and it was a long ways. I was wearing sandals and I stepped on a nail and Devin said i was so fucking lucky that it didnt dig into my fucking skin.. because it was stuck in my shoe! and i didnt know what it was, i thought it was a rock, and i kept trying to get it out.. but then i looked on the bottom and it was a nail and I told Devin to get it out, lol. So me and Britany turned around because Devin and Dustin were being mean! My mom picked us up to go to the hospital, when we got there mom and sister were still outside, so we decided to play bumper cars with the wheel chairs! I saw my aunt come down the stairs with teary eyes. I said, "Hi aunt Tammy." and shs said hi and asked me where my mom was, and I told her. And when my mom got inside we went into the emergecy room, they were talking(whispering) to my mom and she started balling, saying she knew she was going to be to late. When I relized what had happend my aunt hugged me and I started crying too. I went wwhere my family was and then my grandma asked us if we wanted to see him. I said yes and went, When I saw his dead body I flipped out and started crying even harder than before. I hugged him, twice. Its different because he didnt hug me back, he wasnt moving or breathing, I was so scared. Terrified. I went to tell my aunt Johanna, who was very close to my grandpa and she freaked out! she backed away and started saying no! It was so sad, I was crying with her, and when she hugged me I was like, "Your killing me!" and she smiled, lol. I thought she would have been the first to know, sence she works at the hospital, but she wasnt. Later that day we all went to my grandmas house and ate with the family, BLAH BLAH BLAH! I really wanted to see Devin record the last of his first cd, but we couldnt. Around nine or something I went to pick up Devon, my cousin, and we dropped off Britany. We went to my grandmas again, for another hour and headed to Devons to spend the night.
Monday- We woke up and decided not to go to school.(skip school) we got all ready, and we went to meijers. In meijers we had so much fun! we tried on ballet slippers and acted like ballerinas!! Then we tried on these UGLY UGLY UGLY shoes! This girl came and was about to yell at us so be ran and hid in an isle behinde towls. We went into the music isle and we were dancing to the radios!! yes! haha that was so freaking fun! Then we went into the baby isle and we put on baby hats and walked around and there was this old lady shaking her head at us! i was like go away! fuck you! It was so funny. Later we went to my grandmas again and gave her all our grocers, an hour later we left and went to Devons, we almost cleaned the car, but stopped because we had to go get my aunt Tammys dog, Spike. Then when we got back we washed the car, we talked on the phone. And around 1o'clock, Devons mom, (aunt Johanna) took a nap.. Hmm.. we drove the car around her HUGE drive way, and around the yard! Then we thought she woke up, so we GUNNED across the fucking Drive way and we made tire marks!!! oh my god it was so fucking funny.. but she wasnt up so we still drove it around and for no reason, Devon slammed on the breaks, and I didnt have my seatbelt on! I was like shit!!!!!!! haha and I flew! and we laughed so fucking hard! we almost ran into a tree because we thought it was in drive haha! When we took Spike home, we got on the roof AGAIN!(on their garodge) it was so fucking funny! On the way back from my aunt Tammys, Aunt Johanna wouldnt let Devon drive, so she got mad and she said we should act like we were going to walk home, and so aunt Jo sped up and left us in the fucking woods! we were scared and were like what if a bear fucking eats us! but then we thought we saw car lights and im like no, thats just house lights! and shes like no its not, and sure enough it was aunt Jo! and she made us get out asses in the car! We acually thought she was serious about leaving us there! to walk for like 2 or 3 miles! i was like WHAT!!! haha. When we got to her house we called people and we bitched them out because they didnt care our grandpa died! and shit and this girl was .. well people were talking shit about us! Then we called Mike(Devons boyfriend) and he told me to punch her because she was being a bitch.. and I did haha, it was funny. He was all sticking up for me because she was taking it all out on me and hes like be nice to Taylor! and I was laughing so hard haha! Around 10:30 I called my baby, Jacob, and I woke him up, we was sleeping! Hes so sexy! I want him, lol. He acted like he didnt want to talk to me :( but he was tied so I forgave him! He told me he would talk to me tomarrow. Then me and Devon played Dare and ate candy and went to bed.
Tuesday- We got up around 6o'clock, I got taken home around 7, and I tried to sleep to 7:30 but woke up at 8 and I was like going to be late! oops. I got ready and took a shower, and my mom drove me to school in our new car. But everyone was being mean besides a few people. But then they started being nice, they just wanted to leave me alone because of my grandpa. Then the rest of the boring day of school.
Wednesday- A boring day of school, and me and Tasha are getting along, because she broke it off with Alex, and he was flirting with me! and I got my ass hit so many times today!! it was annoying lol.. by Alex, Joseph and Dustin! But when school was over, I went to the skatepark with them and when I had to leave I saw my mom, and I was like, why the hell is she here? but I had to babysit. She told me to hop the fence! and I got fucking hurt!

Well thats enought to write, it took like an hour.
Read and Comment lol
I Love You All!!!

Love always
and forever,
Taylor Marie
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7:13pm April 13th]
ive been thinking about jacob all fucking day. i want him so bad right now. i just want him to hold me.. yah im a loser. but im so fucking inlove with him!
its crazy!
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6:52pm April 10th]
my grandpa died.

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