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*___` Lady Bone's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
*___` Lady Bone

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Joqqers! [ 41404 1:47pm ]
Everyone and their fucking motherz have been doing the "cocaine" header. NOOWWWWW all of ya that had me on _babii_doll, didn't I have 1? Yeah. Fuckin' biters! Come up wit yo own shyt DAMN! I'mma leave this shyt public so these 2 females can see. They got it on their headerz but with something else written on it. My shyt wuz gangstaaaaaaaaaaa ;] Fukk ya hoez licc my ASS!
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'*' Friends Only [ 31304 10:14pm ]
[ mood | high ]

'*' Comment to be added
'*' Ask to be added
'*' I'll most likely add ya bakk
'*' My life is damn personal and it ain't no open book 2 read
'*' No hating or you'll be deleted
'*' No dick suckin hoez allowed

Don't add me without telling me cuz honeztly I won't add yo fukk azz bakk

I Love Ariel
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