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a day in the life of a college girl...

the life, the love, and the drama.

22 February
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i am 18 years old. i consider myself to be pretty "Plain Jane". however creative. crazy. and random. i am the most laid back person i know. i am a good listener and a very understanding. i am outgoing. caring. patient. and loving. I am the type that pretty much accepts anyone for who they are. i also am the type of person that won't give up on something that i want or need. i am a firm believer in Fate and that things happen for certain reasons...

♥i am a bleeding heart & a hopeless romantic♥

i am really into athletics, i play soccer and have been playing for about 16 years of my life. and i love ♥ love college football! GO TiGERS!! i love my friends... i have the greatest friends in the entire world! And wouldn't trade them for anything. i love♥love music!! i love my guitar!! And I absolutely love to dance. i like writing songs and poems, drawing and painting. and i love photography! which pretty much leads me to how i desperately want to travel the world and see it for myself. i am willing to try almost anything once.. just say i tried it!! i never turn my back on any opportunities that are given to me. i go to Lander University. i am studying to major in Biology and have 2 minors: Art and Spanish. more or less, i am NOT perfect...