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Full throttle, outta control

breakin the law, breakin the law

4 August 1986

hey pretty
don't you wanna

take a ride
through my world

hey pretty
don't you wanna

kick and slide
through my world

so yea, this is my lj.

i'm in ravenclaw!

, 28:06:42:12, a perfect circle, afex twin, afi, alkaline trio, alley katz, alternative, anime, astrology, bam margera, band, band camp, basement jaxxx, bass guitar, blur, body mods, books, bush, c.s. lewis, canada, carytown, chemical brothers, chevelle, coldplay, college, cursive, death cab for cutie, dirty vegas, edward norton, emo, england, europe, faith no more, family guy, fanlistings, fata, forgetting poland, franz ferdinand, gameshow hero, garden state, gay rights, glowsticks, groove armada, hair dye, harry potter, hobbits, incubus, j.r.r. tolkien, jake gyllenhaal, japan, jimmy eat world, johnny depp, jude law, kenneth branagh, korn, largo, leslie, live, lotr, lyrics, manga, marching band, megatokyo, midtown, miho, mindless self indulgence, modest mouse, moneen, monty python, muse, music, nine inch nails, noise, oasis, our lady peace, pacifism, paganism, pet freshmen, piercings, ping, piro, pizza, playing, poetry, poi, poison the well, portishead, powerman 5000, prodigy, punk, rage against the machine, reading, retro morning, richmond, rock, rocky horror picture show, rogue squadron, saves the day, semisonic, singing songs about things, smashing pumpkins, soul coughing, sound, sparta, star wars, stargate sg-1, stereophonics, sublime, system of a down, taking back sunday, techno, tenacious d, terry pratchett, the appleseed cast, the beatles, the darkness, the mars volta, the postal service, the prodigy, the shins, the used, the wallflowers, the white stripes, tim curry, tool, trance, tycho celchu, val kilmer, vcu, weezer, wraith squadron, writing,