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A May Update!

I'm back again with a big sales post! I've got a bunch of stuff that's just been sitting around and it's time to move it out! There is clothing (some vintage!), a Coach bag, jewelry, makeup, perfume, and all kinds of other stuff.

Absolutely everything is make an offer. I do trades sometimes too!

Please note that all of my handmade jewelry and accessories have moved to etsy but I am willing to bargain on those pieces as well. In addition, everything in my shop is 30% off for the rest of May with the code MYTHICMAY!!

Thanks for looking!


Mystery Fairy Package!! I prepared this package for Free People's fairy swap several years ago but my partner never got in touch with me and it therefore never got sent out. It contains much fairy magic and I remember really loving putting it together! It's time for it to go to a nice home :). You can leave what's inside a mystery if you'd like but there are (somewhat blurry) pictures available of the contents here, here, here, here, and here - just note that there will likely be cards in there addressed to the original recipient! :P.


100% Authentic Coach purse. Black leather with silver hardware.

The inside has a lovely raspberry colored silky lining.

Comes with both the leather "Coach" tag and an additional silver "Coach" tag.

Bag is expandable!

This bag was hardly used at all and even contains the original price tag! It's really a very nice piece. More pictures available on request!


Vintage Indian Cotton skirt, size S-M. Absolutely gorgeous and I hate to part with it but it just doesn't fit me how I'd like it to. Originally bought from AstralBoutique on Etsy (click the link for much better pictures and more information!)


Pinkish Red tie-dyed sleeveless dress from Japan! It's very wrinkled in the pictures but it's a cool dress, very easy to wear. Tag says made in Thailand but I bought it in Japan several years ago.


Long white dress with embroidery. Also a bit winkled in the pictures but quite lovely. Probably about a size M, has ties in the back to adjust fit.


A bag FULL of long bead strands! You can get the whole bag or pick out individual ones if you'd like. Lots of pretty beads in there!


A little purse mirror (other side has "who is the fairest of them all?" written around the edge of the mirror), black sparkly earrings, star necklace with silky cord, little blue stone earrings, two sets of wrist bands made from vintage sweaters, a rhinestone star necklace, blue bib style choker, a little crown charm, a set of rings that spell out M-E-O-W, dolphin earrings with blue stones


Canon ink cartrige in black #24, Scrapbook Plus Workshop CD-ROM, Walligraphy (words for walls) in "Scatter Joy," card for Hellboy, card for Edgar Allen Poe



Official Imps -
Bathsheba, Khephra, Two Five and Seven (Alice in Wonderland theme), Xiuhtecuhtli, Bordello, Florence

Decants - most of these are limited editions!:
The Phoenix in Winter, Autumn Cider, October 2010, Winter Heavens: Yule 2011, Samhain 2009, Pumpkin I: 2009, plus one just marked "Mystery Pumpkin" that I'm not sure about


Two big but old Victoria's Secret flower containers (the scents are "Strawberry" and I think "Amber", still have tags!), "High Tea" 7ml bottle by Possets Perfumes, "Bleu Riviera" sample vial by Fragonard, "F" sample vial by Salvatore Ferragamo, "Pleasures" and "Pleasures for Men" sample vials by Estee Lauder, "Attitude" sample vial by Giorgio Armani, "Pink Sugar" sample vial by Aquolina, "Flossing" sample vial by Possets Perfumes, "Cobalt Amber" sample vial by Cobalt Blends, and "Jaded" sample vial by For Strange Women


Lavender House "Hoof Cream" for softer hands (barely used), Clinique facial soap (full), Clinique moisture surge extra (full), pack of brown/cream eye shadows (barely used), Clinique face powder #20 "Invisible Blend" (never opened), The All Natural Face Vegan Gel Pot in "That Black" with brush (never used), Vita Care biodegradable toothbrush (never opened), Revitalize Shampoo and Conditioner samples by Greenbody Greenplanet, Bare Essentials Buxom Lips in Dolly (never opened), Vita Care Pomegranate Whitening Gum (never opened), set of tangerine spice B&BWs items (never opened, older, can ship with or without snowman case)

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