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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013
9:05 am - SALE SALE SALE!
Hi all! So it seems that I am in semi-desperate need of some money so I am having a major sale at my Etsy Shop! I just updated again too, lots of quartz crystal point stuff!


20% off everything with the code "MAGIC" :). This is only until THIS FRIDAY when I'm going to have to put the shop on 'vacation' for a little bit!

Thanks so much for taking a look and any signal boosting is greatly, greatly appreciated!

current mood: hopeful

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Friday, July 5th, 2013
5:53 pm - New Items!
New items up in the Ashes of Roses Designs shop, all inspired by witches' spell books and dried flowers :).

Thanks for looking!

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Sunday, May 27th, 2012
4:23 pm - A May Update!
I'm back again with a big sales post! I've got a bunch of stuff that's just been sitting around and it's time to move it out! There is clothing (some vintage!), a Coach bag, jewelry, makeup, perfume, and all kinds of other stuff.

Absolutely everything is make an offer. I do trades sometimes too!

Please note that all of my handmade jewelry and accessories have moved to etsy but I am willing to bargain on those pieces as well. In addition, everything in my shop is 30% off for the rest of May with the code MYTHICMAY!!

Thanks for looking!

Lots of Pictures!Collapse )

current mood: productive

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Sunday, March 11th, 2012
5:45 pm - Update!
You guys aren't going to believe this but I actually updated my etsy shop!! I hope you like, most of these new items have been waiting around to be uploaded forever :). Come buy, come buy!

I also took some pictures of some perfume stuff I want to get rid of... lots of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab imps and decants (some of which I just got from the lovely sihaya09 but just weren't for me) and some other stuff too. I'll sell it groups or individually, whatever you want. Also totally open to trades of any kind.

Pictures and Details!Collapse )

Thanks all, let me know if you see anything you'd like!

current mood: accomplished

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Sunday, May 30th, 2010
7:24 pm - Some Stuff For Sale/Trade!
Hi all! My main, handmade jewelry shop is still at etsy but I have a few other things I want to get rid of if possible and I thought I'd offer them up here as well as in community postings!

Here are the goods :).

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Imps!Collapse )


Zine Grab Bag - SOLDCollapse )


Perfume Sample Grab Bag!Collapse )

I will consider trades (but I'm kind of picky!) Let me know if you're interested in anything, thanks all! :).


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Tuesday, June 9th, 2009
4:37 pm - Ashes of Roses Designs is BACK and has MOVED to Etsy!
I'm back!

Ashes of Roses Designs is BACK and has moved to etsy! Formally __ashesofroses, I'm back with tons of new, inexpensive, handmade faerie tale and myth inspired items!

Please come visit! :).

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Saturday, October 6th, 2007
2:30 am - Ashes of Roses Designs has MOVED!

Ashes of Roses Designs has MOVED to Etsy!!!!
You can now find all of my designs at ashesofrosesdesigns.etsy.com :).

I'm Back!

Some Info:

* I still ship all over the world! I've shipped to - US, Canada, England, France, South Korea, Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, Estonia, Ireland, Wales, Sweden, Spain, Norway, and many more!
* If you have any questions, want more pictures, or desire more details, please ask! I am happy to help!
* I may sometimes comment as briarspell! This is my personal journal and sometimes I'm too forgetful or lazy to log out and back in again :P.
* I know I don't have a lot of feedback on etsy yet, but there are tons of responses in my feedback post here. It's the third to the bottom post here, please scroll down to get to it! Also, my eBay Feedback can be found under: aroura19 :).


Scammers, etc. :/.Collapse )

Thanks for checking out my shop! :).

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Friday, October 6th, 2006
1:00 am - My Zines & Nightingale Necklaces ~
I write a zine called Luscinia, which is Latin for Nightingale :).
It is sadly currently ON HIATUS. No copies are available at this time!!

my zines & nightingale necklaces!Collapse )

Updated: June 9th, 2008!

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Tuesday, December 13th, 2005
4:03 am - Sold and Custom DIY Pieces ~
Please read below for information on getting me to design some custom handmade jewelry or hair clips :). Really, try me!

custom DIY info!Collapse )

Here are some of my DIY pieces that have been sold or custom designed, more or less in the order that I sold them. Most of these can be remade, so please don't hesitate to ask about them!

sold and custom DIY!Collapse )

Updated: June 27th, 2008!

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Saturday, September 10th, 2005
5:04 am - Feedback ~
Please leave all feedback under this post, thank you so much :)!

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4:56 am - Other Sellers I Love ~
Check out these other favorite shops of mine :).
(please comment here if you'd like to exchange banners as well!)

other great shops!Collapse )

my banners!Collapse )

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2:00 am - Old Ads ~
Just some ads I've done for the shop :).

old ads!Collapse )

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