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She nails down moon beams, and talks in double time.

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Theresa Campagna
Hello my name is Theresa Campagna and welcome to my personal blog! This site started off way back as a personal journal in 2003, evolved into a place where I posted articles written as a student journalist, and is now a place where I can reflect upon my life lessons and the world around me. The header, "She nails down moon beams.." comes from an Ocean Colour Scene song. I love music and at the start of this blog, it was for the moment Brit pop.

I'm a journalism and sociology major at Loyola University Chicago graduation pending 2014. I have experience with photography since 2003, writing since 2009, and news radio broadcast from 2009-2013. My work has appeared in Chi Town Daily News, WLUW FM 88.7 Chicago, Labor Express Radio, Demotix Photo Agency, Alternet, and WYCC PBS. Interests include: photography, tea, travel, multiculturalism, American foreign policy, rebel groups in the third world, français, geo-politics, migrants, and globalization.

Currently I am interning with WYCC PBS Chicago in the social media and production departments. A new public affairs show is scheduled to debut mid February 2013 called "In The Loop." In the Chicago area, tune in on channel 20 on Thursdays at 7 p.m. CT or Sundays 6:30 p.m. CT or online via YouTube at http://youtube.com/user/20wisetv.

Specialties: Radio production, blogging, and photojournalism. Proficiencies: Photoshop CS6, Adobe Lightroom 3, Paint Shop Pro, film negative scanning, black and white film development and printing, MAC and Windows OS. Shoots 35mm, medium format, Polaroid, and digital, Microsoft Office, social media: Facebook and Twitter, Flip HD camera operation, Telos machine operation, Audacity, Audition, types 75 words per minute, basic html, css, dynamic html, semi fluency in French, Tagalog and Ilokano.

Thanks for stopping by!

Photojournalism: http://tcampagna.tumblr.com

WYCC interns blog: http://wyccinterns.tumblr.com


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