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Aug. 13th, 2012 | 12:22 pm

I recently found this video on Youtube that hits home to me on so many levels. But I am not going to get into anecdotes. All Filipinos have negrito blood, and for this I am proud. Indigenous Filipinos are a fierce strong people and I am happy at all to have some of that flowing through my own body. Like all social issues, the matter is complex in my own family so I will not go into details as it is painful, but rather post this excerpt from the video caption. This song is heartbreaking but gives me hope that there is still a struggle that some of my family is part of the peaceful fight against those in the Filipino government trying to kill off Filipino indigenous people.

"In American-occupied Philippines, while millions of mainstream Hispanic Filipinos were being slaughtered, and military restrictions prevented the movement of the American and local press, the lens of Dean C. Worcester, member of the first Filipino Comission and secretary of Interior for the colonial government, provided the Americans with a fake, set-up collection of Filipinos as they should be seen: a bunch of tiny primitive tribes badly in need of Uncle Sam's protection. Black and white pictures belong to Dean C. Worcester's collection as kept at University of Michigan."

Duerme, duerme negrito,
que tu mama tá en el campo,

Duerme, duerme, mobila,
que tu mama tá en el campo,

Te va a traer codornices para ti,
te va a traer rica fruta para ti,
te va a traer carne de cerdo para ti,
te va a traer muchas cosas para ti.

Y si el negro no se duerme
viene el diablo blanco
y ¡zas!
le come la patita
chicapumba, chicapumpa,
apumba chicapún.

Duerme, duerme, negrito,
que tu mama tá en el campo,

trabajando duramente,
trabajando sí,
trabajando y va de luto,
trabajando sí,
trabajando y no le pagan,
trabajando sí,
pal negrito chiquitito,
trabajando sí.

Duerme, duerme negrito

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