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daddy's new wife robert

...its the way your shoulders shake and what they're shaking for

no dry porking for you!
21 September
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Dog Man Star took a suck on a pill
And stabbed a cerebellum with a curious quill
Europe, America, Winterland
Introducing the band

Chic thug stuttered through a stereo dream
A fifty knuckle shuffle heavy metal machine
The tears of suburbia drowned the land
Introducing the band

So steal me a savage, subservient son
Get him shacked up, bloodied up and sucking on a gun
I want the style of a woman, the kiss of a man
Introducing the band

And as the sci-fi lullabye starts to build
See them whipping all the women, cracked governments killed
Oh let the century die to violent hands
Introducing the band

And um. because apparently now it seems to matter, I would like to exclaim for anyone watching, listening, reading, stalking or otherwise paying attention to me that I am in fact **Over 18** and anyone with a problem againts my kinks, perversions and other socially less acceptable habits (I pick my nose doncha know) can politely sit on my finger and spin :)
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