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Have migraine. Head hurty. Ever since I got my glasses I've been getting them more and more. I don't have a family doctor so I've been hitting up the free clinics but the doctors there are very reluctant to prescrible anything stronger than Advil because of the sheer amount of people who show up trying to scam drugs from them. I am in paid godammit!!!

Spent sick day downloading every episode ever of Without A Trace. Because nothing will cure a migraine like spending 8 hours staring at a tiny laptop screen :p

It looks like summer is finally coming to an end at last. Yesterday it rained all day and it was glorious. Today is warm but breezy. No more hot weather yay! I can't wait for September to start. I have a vacation, my birthday and a profit-sharing company paycheck all to look forward to. Will celebrate by shoving a tray of cherry turnovers in the oven, because the Pillsbury doughboy = <3
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I was watching the CBS broadcast of Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone earlier (moobles!) and I noticed something. Collapse )

Meh, unimportant musings that shall never be answered.
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(no subject) know you're domesticated when you finally remember to take your own plastic bags to the grocery store

and then spend half an hour picking out pickles.

But then dinner is a tin of ravioli that manages to explode itself all over the microwave and a guava juice box and somehow everything balances out

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long digging, gone fishing, love drinking...

Easter, the way most people do it involves either vast amounts of church, or vast amounts of chocolate.

Easter, the way my family does it involves eating my own body weight in sweet potato while listening to my brother's girlfriend's 82 year old grandma tell a joke about Italians and blow jobs (complete with accents) while downing a vodka and pineapple juice (which, by the way, is disgusting)

....and then there was pie.
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he makes love to the duke, he swordfights the queen

Flames clinched the playoffs, even though they got their hides handed to them by a fugly-uniformed Vancouver. Cops are trying to abolish the Red Mile since it was a shit show of naked boobies, drunken groping and general bad-ass loutishness last year. The city laughs, gets drunk, and rides my C-Train home again.

I'm not quite sure, but I think the possibly-suicidal weird kid in my training class stammeringly asked me out today. And on Saturday, I got business-carded by some balding beardy called Brian, who rescued my jacket from the hole I drunkenly threw it down. And who then proceeded to tell me that the whole pub was in hysterics watching me climb all over the booth trying to a) slide my jacket up from the hole with a broom pole and b) not flash anyone my knickers underneath the skirt I was wearing because I had gone out not realising the night would call for drunken booth gymnastics. Well, not the good kind, anyway. WHAT I WANT TO KNOW IS IF THE WHOLE PUB WAS WATCHING ME, WHY DID THEY SEND THE CREEPIEST GUY IN THE PLACE OVER TO HELP ME???

Seriously, would it kill the universe to send me someone in the vague vicinity of hot. I'm bored. And shallow. And seriously considering sexxing with my icon, because hiiiiiiiii.

The good thing about having a job that pays actual money is that when cool things happen, like finding out Panic! At The Disco are playing in Vancouver in July, it isn't outside the realm of possibility that I could actually afford to go.

And now to the section I like to call Pointless Things Natalie Learned Today: is an awesome way of wasting 3 hours that could be spent sleeping instead.
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have 3 bruised ribs and a bruised kidney

am in so much pain i can hardly move and so full of tylenol i can hardly see the screen

ow ow ow ow ow ow ow

today? worst day ever
tomorrow? not looking a hell of a lot better.

ladies and gentlemen, thankyou and goodnight
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things that piss me off #47596

People standing in the 15-items-or-less line at Safeway with a basket crammed full of about 65 items that ring up to about $90 while everyone else behind you with their 15 ITEMS OR LESS damns you to hell and back.

Can you count, dumbfuck?

Just because you have a basket, not a cart, doesn't mean that we don't see how much crap you have. And yes, 10 individual cans of Whiskas counts as 10 items and not one because they are all the same.

People? Suck.
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is it any wonder people illegally download music when copy-controlled CD's can't be uploaded onto iTunes. Why the fuck would I want to pay for the same CD twice? At least I paid my money and bought the CD, now let me upload the song I want, fuckers!

....this has been a public service post helpfully provided by PMS and not enough Halloween candy.

*scarfs more Crunchies*
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