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hannah had to get her car stuck in a dirt road so my planned was foiled for today. we'll just have to do it during hte lunch break on friday, oh well. apparently she doesn't have a group [neither does gretel?] so she's crashing with me, leen, and jack :P. well. im making her anyways. today was fun. shlo picked me up and we were sorta late, and i showed the sign to everyone, NO ONE IS TO TELL HIM!. or. your ass is mine :P. haha. anyways. dani was like "man, if he can pimp 2 i'd be in awe" or something of the like. awesome.

i love aileen, and her lack of knowledge of the school and the fact that im head facilitator and she's not :P. we're going to have 50-60 kids in one classroom. wtf?.

ok. just to warn you. our dance is mothereffing hilarious.