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The Anti Adder League

Down with serial adding

This journal is compiled as a means of collecting LJ "signatures" in order to update the means of the serial adding by individual(s) looking to smear other's livejournal users images, political affiliations, or reputations.

If you have been added by a serial adder, then please sign in here with the hopes that LJ Mangagement will take into account the seriousness of our wants, desires and demands that serial adding be squashed from Live Journal in the hopes of making it a more friendly place to blog.

In addition, just think of all of the server space that can be freed up from the deletion of all of the serial adders blogs.

Please contact the webmaster here: LJ Webmaster

03/22/04: EDIT/Update

Joy of Joys friends and allies.

I found this in a friend's journal, and I am posting it here.

"Also, there have been a rash of odd serial adders on LJ who get on people's friends lists just to be annoying. LJ has made a way to get rid of them. You need to go to the Admin Console and ban_set that person. Just go in and type, "ban_set lj-name" and there you go."

There you go, now we have a way of getting those names off of our private lists.