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Desperado ain't got Shit on Me's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Desperado ain't got Shit on Me

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[July 30, 2007 @ 5:49pm]
I'm a generally nice person (at least I think so). I'll even hold the gate for you to help you with your transaction - provided you ask.

This man calls (apparently from the parking lot) and asks if we have Jeopardy the game. Yes.
14.99? yes. used? yes Then I proceed to hear the click of the phone implying the hang up.

So I go about my business in the store. It's Sunday, the mall closes early. This same man waltz's up after the "get out of the mall" bell rings, out gate is clearly closed, and our computers are already shut down. He explains that I was holding a game for him to my boss. Um, no I wasn't.

don't get pissed at me. you're the one that didn't ask me to. I would have gladly held it for you, and told my boss not to close one of the registers had you simply ask. Don't look at me with a glare when I did nothing wrong. Further don't even begin to retort "you realize I drove all the way from the Westside?" when you should realize that hey, we have to fucking work on a Sunday to provide shitty people like you with gaming entertainment.

He then goes on to state he called from the parking lot just outside. I stand there dumbfounded thinking - what were doing for 15 minutes? jacking off? you could have come inside and purchased your game....

I wish people would learn to ask, nicely of course.
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you will be remembered [March 22, 2007 @ 6:27pm]


By Roger Weeder
First Coast News

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, FL -- A senior who attends Bishop Kenny High School died Tuesday night in a local hospital after falling 25 feet from a Jacksonville Beach condominium early Sunday morning. 18 year-old Clayton Richard Roberts lived in Ortega.

Roberts, according to a police report, was attempting to scale a condo wall with a rope to open a door on a fourth floor condo when he fell backwards. The report indicates Roberts and a friend had thought they locked themselves out of their condominium. It turns out the door was not locked.

Robert's friend identified as 18 year-old Michael Guy Atlee told police the two had been drinking alcoholic beverages.

A spokesperson at Bishop Kenny High School says counselors were available to students who also attended chapel after learning of Robert's death.

The class of 2007 will miss you Clay.
In loving memory, of Clayton Richard Roberts who passed away March 21, 2007.
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only public entry. [February 04, 2005 @ 11:30pm]

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You know the drill.
01. add me.
02. comment.
03. I'll add you back.

btw, if you are adding me in hopes I help you with your layout, you might as well not waste the 15 seconds of your life adding me because I won't.
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