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+my only wish


{personal banner.by me.for me. lryics from dir en grey's "red...[em]"}

and if your heart stops beating

Call me AME, I guess. I also will respond to DEMYX. [let's not go into details, now.] I have a temper. I'm bitchy. I do like making new friends... I'm just no good at keeping them. I'm known for being pretty EXTREMELY shy, lazy and weird. I'm pretty into my fandoms, and I don't have much of a life, so I might talk about them. A lot. I do make graphics. Want them? Check out FORSAKEN_ICONS. Don't friend me for my graphics. You have some fucking nerve to try to friend my personal journal for my graphics. I spend much more time at my GREATESTJOURNAL, and you can catch me at FANFICTION.NET, or if I ever upload my eyesore known as "art", Y-GALLERY. You'll see that my favourite bands are DIR EN GREY, MY CHEM, and SR-71, not to mention some others. There's no way you won't be able to see that my fandoms are FINAL FANTASY VII, KINGDOM HEARTS, LOVELESS, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, and GRAVITATION.

and if you get to heaven i'll be here wondering


did get what you deserve

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the ending of your life won't wait

Check out the communities I mod/co-mod!
forsaken_icons; my icon journal.
minoriy_icons; an icontest to the minor characters of InuYasha
ranma_awards; an icontest dedicated to the anime/manga Ranma 1/2
rigo_argutiae; the Zexion/Demyx (Kingdom Hearts) community.
axel_isnt_reno; the Kingdom Hearts crack!community.
org13_rating; the Organization XIII rating community.
cloakedsuperior; the Xemnas/Zexion (Kingdom Hearts) community.
mama_vincent; some sort of fucked up Vincent Valentine fan community.

then your heart can't take this

My journal is friends only. Comment here to be added. Unless you tell me you will add me, I won't add you back.