god (__ame__) wrote,

okay, so those drabbles I'm working on... they're evolving from drabbles into just really really short one-shots. o_o;;

Tenth ficlet, seventh page on MS word.

here's another one to keep you amused for the next five minutes or so. :]

Again, for any funky HTML stuff blame rich text. D:

Most of the Organization respects Xigbar. They have to. He is, after all, second-in-command... but moreover, he has big, scary guns. They respect Saïx more as second-in-command, as he acts appropriately for the position. But Xigbar threatens everyone with his guns, and well, those aren’t exactly something you’d like to see pinned your throat first thing in the morning.


Xigbar likes walking down the long Hallways that Never Were in a very conceited, egoistical manner that screamed “I’m second-in-command, bitches! Obey me!” with some maniacal laughter to follow. This particular day, Zexion was walking in his self-conscious semi-slump walk along the hallways as well.


“Oh... fuck, Xigbar, what is that smell?! Ugh, I can’t breathe!” Zexion said, suddenly covered his hand over his mouth while his face turned blue. “I really, God’s honestly can’t breathe!


“What?” Xigbar asked, not stopping his walk.


“Did... you... forget...” Zexion managed within breaths. “To...put...your...deodorant...on...again?”


“Yeah, what of it? I’m going for a more ‘natural’ scent.”


Zexion fainted.

That wasn't even my evilest one either. >D
Tags: fanfiction
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