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Colourbars and such.

My "...is love!" collection. :D~

"InuYasha" is Love.

Kagome is Strong & Devoted Love.

Miroku/Sango-- It's Tough Love.

Sesshoumaru/Kagura-- A Moonlit Romance

Kouga/Ayame-- A Promised Love.

Bankotsu/Jakotsu-- An Undying Devotion.

The Shichinin-tai Will Never Die!

Buyo is Feline Love.

Both Kikyou AND Kagome deserve Love!

InuYasha Anime-Only Filler Characters are Love.

InuYasha Side-Characters are Love.

Hiei is love
By lord_fluffy

"Braided Baka" is queen uke annoying as hell love a Fanon Stereotype

"Emotionless Bastard" is sexy is king seme needs to die is a Fanon Stereotype

OMG!WeepyUkesThatWereRapedandMadePreggyby Jakotsu is a Fanon Stereotype

OMG!We'reEEEEEVILRapistsand we eat babies is a Fanon Stereotype

We're liek stalk00rx yo!all your bishounen are belong to us is a Fanon Stereotype

I Sympathise for Mary-Sue Rape Victims

WHY ISN'T SESSHOUMARU ON THAT?! O_O Now I'm scarred for life.

Bankotsu is Love

Jakotsu is Love

Ginkotsu is Love

Renkotsu is Love

Suikotsu is Love

Mukotsu is Love

Kyoukotsu is Love

Hawkeye is going to shoot you down like a true gangsta love
Made by _joha @ fukikomu

Roy x Riza pwns your OTP is love
Made by _joha @ fukikomu

Manga!Ed is shorter than Anime!Ed love
Made by _joha @ fukikomu

FoxTrot is Love

Happy Tree Friends Are Accident Prone Love

Bean/Rice grain/Shrimp is insult!Ed love.

Al x Winry is Love

Gluttony is hungry love
Made by _joha @ fukikomu

Wrath is just a kid who wants candy love
Made by _joha @ fukikomu

Fullmetal Alchemist crack. MY ticket to Hell-con

Maes Hughes is not dead love

Roy Mustang is teh love smex

Ed x Roy pwns your OTP is love
Made by _joha @ fukikomu

Havoc is unloved love
Made by _joha @ fukikomu

The Hughes family is indestructable love
Made by _joha @ fukikomu

Nina is 10 times smaller than Alexander love
Made by _joha @ fukikomu

Roy Mustang is way cooler than you'll ever be love... and way cooler than you'll ever be ;p
Made by _joha @ fukikomu

Roy x Riza pwns your OTP is love
Made by _joha @ fukikomu

Wrath is hostile, wild child and poofy haired love.

Roy x Hawkeye is love.

Marriage is love.

Ling x Lan Fan = Xing OTP.

Cows Are Love

Safer, Faster, Better. Firefox is Love

Nature is Love

Sporks Are Love

X/1999 is a serious, dramatic story of love and destiny utter crack

Sasuke x Sakura is angsty <3

Uchiha Sasuke is Angsty Love

Haruno Sakura is Pink-Hair Love

Hatake Kakashi is Kick-Ass Love

Sennen Goroshi (Pain of a Thousand Years) is The-Best-Jutsu-Ever Love

Kuwabara/Yusuke is cute love.

Axel is Freakin' Sexy Love~<3

Axel is not dead love

Axel/Roxas is obvious love

Organization XIII is a bunch of sexy bishounen love

Riku/Sora is more canon than Sora/Kairi love

Demyx is screencapless love

Axel x Roxas is 'let me be your downfall' love


Organization XIII is love SEX!

Xemnas x Saix is obsessed with Kingdom Hearts </ <s>canon Love ♥

Naruto x Hinata is Love

Xigbar > you. ♥

Cloud is love.

Reno is love.


Crisis Core is gonna be Love! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
by animekittysama
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