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Taken from camatie. ^^

Name = SFSKHADF'KAHDF'A. Isn't it beautiful? :D
Piercings = None.
Tattoos = If hennas count, then I have two. X3
Height = I was meaning to post this. I unshrunk from 5'2" to about 5' 4". ABOUT GODDAMN TIME.
Shoe size = 6 1/2, 7-ish.
Hair color = very dark brown. Almost black.
Length = Usually, it's about a third-way down my back.
Siblings= A mutant known as my little brother.

Movie you rented = o___o No clue.
Movie you bought = Advent Children.
Song you listened to = "Right Now" - SR-71 & Honor Among Thieves.
Song that was stuck in your head = 砂上の唄 - Dir en Grey (I still don't know Japanese, I just copy/pated that from iTunes xD)
Cd you bought = Err... "MACABRE" - Dir en Grey
Cd you listened to = Um... Um... "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" - MCR.
Person you’ve called = Em, to tell her my class list. >_>
Person that’s called you = Kate, I think.
Tv show you’ve watched = Uhh... the Simpsons, I think.
Person you were thinking of = Do Axel and Roxas count? I mean, it is Akuroku day...

You have a bf or gf = Nope.
You have a crush on someone = ...If Organization XIII counts, why yes, yes I do. Otherwise, no.
You wish you could live somewhere else = SOMEWHERE COLLLLLLLLD.
You think about suicide = I wonder how people would react if I did commit suicide. I think about it when I'm depressed, which is more frequent than not, but I would never commit it.
You believe in online dating = If you don't mind a computer deciding your fate, by all means, go ahead. It's not for me though.
Others find you attractive = Stalkerboy aside, no one does.
You want more piercings = I'm happy without holes in my skin, thank you.
You drink = Juice and milk mainly.
You do drugs = Oh hell no.
You smoke = I can't even be near a cigarette.
You like cleaning = I like organizing (the first time I typed that I typed 'organization' haha.) my school stuff, but otherwise no.
You like roller coasters = The sane ones. As in, the ones lacking loops and stuff.
You write in cursive or print = It's a mix. Seriously.
You carry a donor card = No.

Long distance relationships = For. If two people love them, why should space keep them apart?
Using someone = Honestly, I think it's hilarious when other people are used. Their reactions are priceless. However, I would never use someone.
Suicide = Suicide is for quitters. I'm against.
Killing people = Eh, we could use a few less people in the world. But I'm against the death penalty; it lacks morality.
Teenage smoking = AGAINST. Got it MEMORIZED?
Premarital sex = Eh, whatever floats your boat.
Driving drunk = AGAINST.
Gay/lesbian relationship = Go for it!
Soap operas = For the most part, against. Though there was this really funny Argentian one someone showed me once... But I liked the humour in it, not the romance. That was bad. >__>;

Food = Chinese, Japanese, and breakfast-y foods. :3~
Thing to do = photoshop, doodle, and play kh2.
Thing to talk about = Mmmmf... don't really care.
Sports = VOLLEYBALL. Then basketball.
Drinks = Soda and fruit smoothies.
Clothes = Casual is better. OH. NO NO NO NO. I TAKE THAT BACK. Pajamas pwn all. >:3
Movies = POTC, I guess. :\
Band/singer = I don't knoooooooow. ;____;
New nerdy saying = "I'm the fourteenth struggle!!" It can't get any nerdier than that. XD

Ever cried over a guy = No.
Ever lied to someone = How can one go an entire life without lying?
Ever been in a fist fight = No. Thankfully; I would lose in a second.
Ever been arrested = No(t yet).

Of times I have been in love? = Eh, never. I don't think anyway.
Of times I have had my heart broken = ...Never? *nervous laugh*
Of hearts I have broken? = Hopefully one. I know that sounds weird. >_>;
Of girls I have kissed? = Outside of family, no one.
Of boys I have kissed? = Ditto the above.
Of girls I’ve slept with? = None!
Of boys I’ve slept with? = None.
Of drugs taken illegally? = Noneeeeee. :]
Of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends? = Two. Sad, I know. :\
Of people I consider my enemies? = Wow, I need to count?
Of times my name has appeared in the newspaper = Never.
Of scars on my body? = A lot. That's all you need to know. Let's just say people think XIGBAR has a lot of scars... They've never seen me.
Of things in my past that I regret? = Too many to count. >_>;

Disney movie = POTC! And TNBC.
Scent = ...That burning smell after you blow out a candle. 8D
Word = Shiny & dysfunctional.
Nickname = Some people here call me Ame. xD Umm... otherwise... the Emo Companion.
Guy name = Herman. *snorts*
Girl name = Ahhh mmm... Amara. :3
Eye color = REDDDDDDDDDD 8D Green. *shot*
Flower = I don't have one.
Piercing = My spiffy invisible ones.
Actress = Er... don't care.

Pretty = As if!
Funny = I think some of my icons are kinda funny, but really, I'm not that funny.
Hot = If by "hot" you mean "temperature" hot, then yes, yes I am. Otherwise, UH NO.
Friendly = To those I deem worthy of respect, I am. Otherwise, not at all.
Amusing = I amuse others. Especially when I say stupid stuff. -_-U However, I do not believe I am amusing.
Lovable = Oh HELL no.
Pessimistic = I'm so pessimistic it goes to the point where it's unrealistic.
Optimistic = My optimism with my friends is a mask.
Caring = Kinda. :\
Sweet = No.
Dorky = Yes.

Spell your first name back wards = I'll pass.
The story behind your user name = I like the rain.
Are you straight? Yes.
Where do you live? California. It's overrated. :\
4 words that sum you up = what, the, bloody, & hell.

Wallet = Green with tropical flowers on it.
Hairbrush = It's blue and it squishes. Seriously.
Toothbrush = White and red.
Jewelry worn daily = I don't wear jewelry usually.
Pillow cover = White.
Blanket = I SUCK. It's a pale purple. *grumbles*
Coffee Cup = I don't drink cofee, it's grosssss. >_<
Sunglasses = n/a.
Underwear favs? Does it matter?
Shoes = Nifty little blue ones with skulls. 8D
Handbag = I don't usually use it, but this little Jansport bag.
Favorite top = My dead rat shirt. 8B
CD in stereo right now = No stereo. I'm cool like that.
What you are wearing now = My pajamas; I SHOULD be in bed now (even though it's not even 11).
Hair = Still in the Saix 'do, folks. It's actually not that comfortable... But fun to do hairflips. ^_^
Make-up = None~!

WHO or WHAT (was/is/are)…
In my mouth = My bloody retainer.
In my head = I could've sworn I already answered this.
Wishing = For Photoshop to work; for an Organization-y dream. 8D
After this = Gonna doodle then go to sleep.
Talking to = No one. Not even myself. XP
Eating = Nothing. Yet. *might ninja into the kitchen later*
Fetishes = Short guys.
If you could get away with it and murder anyone, who and for what reason? = Oh, I can't choose just ONE! I would choose whoever pisses me or my friends off.
Person you wish you could see right now = My friends. T~T
Is next to you = My still-not-entirely-charged-iPod.
Something you’re looking forward to in this up coming month = Mmm, nothing.
Something that you are deathly afraid of? = Knives and guns.
Do you like candles = Yeah. I like them after they're out though. Mmm... burning stuff...
Do you like hot wax= Eh. :\
Do you like incense = Yeah.
Do you like the taste of blood = Yes. I swear, I'm half vampire or something. >_>;
Do you believe in love = Not really actually.
Do you believe in soul mates = not in real life.
Do you believe in love at first sight = No.
Do you believe in forgiveness = Not usually. ^_^;
Do you believe in God = I'm Aeithiest.
What do you want done with your body when you die = Use it to scare people, of course! No, I want it to be either burned or left alone.
Who is your worst enemy? = Society.
If you could have any animal for a pet = A tiger. Or lion. Or fox. Or wolf.
What is the latest you’ve ever stayed up? = Till seven in the morning. >___>;;
Ever been to Belgium? No, where did this question come from?
Can you eat with chopsticks? I could use practice, but for the most part yeah.
What’s your favorite coin? ...What? O__o
What are 5 cities you wouldn’t mind relocating to? San Francisco... and I haven't thought of the rest. :P
What are some of your favorite pig out foods? gummi worms. 8D
What's something that you wish people would understand? my lack of logic and my imagination.
What’s something you wish you could understand better? why the more I try to fit in, the more I'm outcasted. :\
Anyone you miss that you haven’t seen in a long time? Some of my friends. :\

GODDAMMIT, EVERYTHING STINKS TODAY. First it smelled like wet paint, then I forced my mom to blast the fans to make it go away. Then it smelled like a bad barbeque, then it smelled like tar. Now it smells like hot dogs.

Photoshop isn't working again. And I was doing GJ requests still. O__o I've been really nice and giving everyone at least two icons. AND NOW PHOTOSHOP BACKFIRED. SEE? THIS IS WHAT I GET FOR BEING NICE. I'M GOING TO BE A GRUMPYPUSS FOR THE REST OF MY MEANINGLESS LIFE.

This is what happened in less than five seconds:
Usually the scratch disks issue means not enough memory. WTF IS WRONG?!?!?! ;____________________;

...I want THIS rather badly.


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