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Alice Orchard


Alice Wreedlot
8 August
The Player
Name: Kim danslamourcc=lj
Gender: Female

The Character

Character's Name: Alice Orchid Wreedlot (Longbottom)
Character's Gender: Female
Character's Appearance: Alice is a small girl with a strong will. She has dark brown hair worn long and soft down her back. She has light brown eyes that sometimes have the smallest hint of green in them. She stands straight and keeps her head up when she walks. Her small figure is overpowered by her personality which is bright and free. Alice wears decent wizarding robes as her family is not poor but she does not flaunt her wealth with rich accessories. Alice can often be seen walking with her wand sticking out of her sleeve as it was longer than her arm.

Character's History: When Mercury Vervloekt’s ship made it into the harbor the man saw with his eyes and exclaimed that he had never seen a more wonderful place. Mercury’s native country of Holland was filled with forests and such and the smooth green fields of England were the first thing he loved about the new country. It was the year 1337 and Mercury fled his home country to escape accusations against him. The others in the village of Dorp had many suspicions of Vervloekt and his wife. They were quite right in their thinking, as Mercury was indeed a wizard. Wanting to protect his family from harm he came to England in a little ship, paying his passage through his wife. The first thing that Mercury did once he stepped foot on the lands of his descendents was get his family settled in an inn and promptly went to have himself a drink. There he met a dodgy looking man who was eyeing him curiously. Not letting anything ruin his elatedness, Mercury went to say hello. He reached into his coat to pull out a few coins to buy the man a drink and the stranger, mistaking his actions as an attack challenged Mercury to a duel. Astonished but knowing he had no options, Mercury accepted under only one term. The duel would not end in death for he could surely not leave his family in a strange land with nothing. They dueled for what seemed like hours to Mercury and he found that he could not defeat the stranger. He gave up. For this, the stranger removed his glamour and revealed himself as the King of Dorp. Mercury was astonished that his former king was here. Koning, the king told Mercury that he was a threat to his throne position so he must be killed or punished. Not breaking a wizarding agreement, Koning cursed Mercury Vervloekt and all of his descendents. Devastated, Mercury changed his last name to Wreedlot, which in Dutch means Cruel Destiny. Not one daughter was born to a Wreedlot since then. Not one, until Alice.
Alice was born to Neville and Priscilla Wreedlot. She grew up quite normal for a witch. She watched in awe as her parents performed magic and couldn’t wait until she could do so herself. Her parents knew she was special when at age three, Alice Orchard turned her father into a biscuit. Her parents were sure that their daughter would get a letter from Hogwarts and so she did. Before she left though, Alice’s father sat her down and told her the story of her ancestor Mercury. She listened with wide eyes and opened ears and she was determined not to let her family down. She refused to let the curse be anything but myth and told her father that she would prove it wrong. Her father smiled and kissed her and sent her on her way.
Alice was sorted into Gryffindor house and immediately became best friends with Lily Evans. They helped each other through the year and stayed with each other through almost everything. The summer before Alice’s second year at Hogwarts, both of her parents were killed when their bedroom roof collapsed on then in the middle of the night. Through everything Alice stayed strong and was if anything more determined to be a fantastic witch and to break the curse upon her family.
She has gone through four years and has kept up with her studies and excelled greatly. Last year she even got herself a boyfriend named Frank Longbottom. Alice is happy and that in itself is a great achievement.

Character's Personality: Alice is a strong, smart girl. She is very proud of her family and noone knows of the curse upon it. She tries to live up to her parent’s names especially since they died four years ago. She has a loud laugh which can be heard often especially when Alice is with her best friend Lily Evans. She loves spending time with Frank, warm night sitting by the fireplace talking with Lily, writing and practicing her handwriting, and hopes to be an Auror when she graduates from Hogwarts. Alice is incredibly nice and will help anyone in need. She choses to believe in people rather than the things she hears and is liked by almost everyone (except for some Slytherins).

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