* SChEdUlE <3

* hey guys. well here is my schedule:

* b2- W0Rd PR0CESSiNG- CUffel
* b3- AlGEbRA 1A - MUlliNS
* b4- EARth SCiENCE - AkERS
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hey guyz. .whats up?? well nothing much has gone on since the last time i updated* weLL it is really early in the morning.. but most of the time i am up by this time anyways...well basketball has been going great and yea i think i like it now.. we had sball camp this past week and it was fun as hell..lol- and yesterday we got to do like a slip-n- slide thing and it was so much fun! alex isaacs put mud on my face and it was hillarious(sp?) but yea -- i finally know how to slide - haha..and then we went and slide head 1st and it was fun too.. and im talking to Jordan Meade..from Pound but idk if i like him or not!* yea but im going to go and i will talk to you all later..// leave me a comment- -

- love ya lotz everybody - -

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hAPPY f0URth 0f jULY everyone! well nothing much has gone on since the last time i updated which was a long time ago- but i just got back from the beach saturday we went down from saturday to saturday-- whoo..it was fun =) i met up with Britt Thursday and Friday and we went and ate on Thursday and we played putt-putt and we to the Pavilion and then Friday we went to eat and then we went to play putt-putt and went to the mall ..that was fun too - actually some parts of it was - - but im just sitting here at dad's right now typing this! Tonight me and Britt are going to go watch fireworks at her mamaw's - im sure it will be fun - but my hand//arm is hurting so i will talk to you all later i guess - leave me a comment please -

// - love ya`LL - -

//.. alex .
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_sarah_nicole_ tagged me!

List six of your current favourite songs, and tag six people to do this too.

* hollaback girl- gwen stefani (sp?)
* incomplete- backstreet boys.. i kno they r gay but..
* hazel eyes(i think) -kelly clarkson
* im moving on- rascal flatts
* sarah beth - rascal flatts
* Boulevard of Broken Dreams - green day

i tag:


- so guys whats been happenin?? ahh..nothing much here* been to bball and things..but this was a quick one..b\c sarah tagged me so* love ya'll

-- alex
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* hey -

Hey guys* Whats up?? ahh..nothing much going on here* just didnt want to go to school today..all we had was field day anyways* me & sarah beverly was going to go to the pool..but S0METHING came up! right Sarah?? lol - but since i have last updated nothing really has happened..* oh..yeah..HECk yes Ashley i love my icon and journal.. your so flippin` sweet =) .. well im going to go and i WISH you all would leave me some comments.. love ya~!

- - alexandria paige - -
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* hey hey hey!-

Hey guys! whats uP?? well nothing much going on here! shewies.nothing has happend since i have updated last.. well this is the 1st time on tha new journal! haha* but anywho, this past weekend i went to my cousins house b\c she got a new trampoline..wow it was fun =) then i went and got my prom dress sunday..b\c im going to go with Matthew Justice..lol! today- i checked in at school at like 11:35 b\c i really didnt feel like going..* so thats all that has happened!* shewies..im worn out b\c we had bball camp today from 6-830. idk why im tired but i am! lol - but anyways ..jade if u read this im sorry 4 what all happened =(

- i`m out =)
.. alexandria paige wyatt ..
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