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It's not a cry you hear at night

It's not somebody who's seen the light

I saw you smiling at me
My name is Becci. This is my icon journal.

The word "aeolian" comes from Aeoleus, Greek God of the wind. I just thought it sounded spiffy. Plus I got to use UNDERSCORES in an arty sort of way, as I enjoy doing.

I've been making icons for some time now. I'm most likely to make Final Fantasy icons because, 1) Final Fantasy is spiffy, and 2) FF images are usually awesome and pretty easy to work with. However, I do make plenty of icons based around my other obsessions, or often just nifty pictures I find.

CREDIT!! That means putting either this username (__aeolian) or my personal LJ username (co_0kie) in the "Comments" section of your icon info.
Please comment if you take one. This is purely because I like to know who's using my icons, and I like seeing them in action.
You may use my icons somewhere other than LiveJournal, but again, please credit SOMEWHERE if possible, and perhaps a link to this journal? Of course, it's not always possible in other places, like if you're using it for an MSN display picture. But it'd be nice to direct someone here if they ask you about your DP... :D
I might post bases occasionally. However, when I do, I will make it very clear that they are bases. Icons without text are not necessarily bases. So please don't edit icons and redistribute as your own, unless I've specifically said you can.

I use various brushes, textures and fonts... I'll try to credit them all, but I've been collecting resources for a loooong time, so I'm sorry if I miss you out. Let me know and I'll be happy to add you.

Pretty much all my fonts come from DaFont.com.
A whole bunch of textures, bases and gradients from dearest.
More textures, bases and gradients come from immoral.
And yet more from colorfilter.
Lots of brushes from Brushes by Pange.
I've gotten many brushes from 100x100_brushes and I can't quite remember some of the users I took from... I'll try to be more specific at some point O.o I know for a fact I took some border brushes from _joni
Mask brushes from meleada.
This icon uses a vector created by condensation

I take requests. I actually quite enjoy requests. So please request something. Comment pretty much anywhere with:
o A description of what you want (as vague or detailed as you like... I can work with either)
o Perhaps a picture you want me to use
o Any text you might want me to include
All I really need is the particular subject of the icon, and perhaps where they're from (if it's a character or band member or something). Um... You try and judge whether or not I'm going to know what you're talking about. If I don't, I'll make it clear, don't worry ;)

This journal was created solely for my icons. If you want to read my actual journal, visit it here.


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Okay, so that's basically it. Thanks for reading, enjoy the icons, love to you and your families.







If you would like to affiliate, leave a comment somewhere on my journal. As you can see, my affiliate section is a little bit lonely at the mo...